Chinese Businessman Uses $11,000 In Coins For BMW Down Payment

A businessman in China has used almost $11,000 in coins as a down payment for a new BMW.

In a scenario which we desperately wish we could replicate, the unnamed businessman reportedly purchased the BMW on December 18 with the unusual down payment, forcing workers at the dealership to count the coins for hours, The Daily Mail reports.

The coins used were each worth five mao (5p) and had been saved up by the buyer for a number of years.

Video from the bizarre purchase shows dozens of dealership employees counting all the coins in a scene that both amuses and upsets us.

On one hand, it’s always quite funny to make any purchase with loose change you have lying around, particularly if it’s a rather expensive item. On the other hand, the businessman could have simply gone to a bank and deposited the thousands of coins, saving the BMW staff from doing the laborious work themselves.

Thankfully, the remaining balance of around $50,000 was paid in a more conventional way.