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900 HP BMW M3 Is Confident Ahead Of C63 And CTS-V Drag Race

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Tuned BMW M4 And Mercedes SL63 With 750HP Each Go Head-To-Head

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750HP Audi RS6 Puts A Decent Fight Against 1,200HP Mercedes-AMG CLS

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Lambo Aventador Roadster Vs Huracan Spyder In A 1/2 Mile Race

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900PS Audi TT RS Goes Like A Bat Out Of Hell

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Ferrari 488 And F12berlinetta Siblings Split 1/4 And 1/2 Mile Results

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Brave Ferrari 488 Takes On Tuned E63 AMG And R8 V10 From Standstill

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Porsche GT3 RS Acts As Sleeper Against Tuned Corvette And SLS AMG

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Mercedes E63 S Not Afraid To Take On 750 PS Audi RS7 And BMW M6

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1,200 HP Twin Turbo Lamborghini Aventador Takes On Equally Potent Nissan GT-R

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Family Issues: 600 PS Merc-AMG GT S Takes On Heavily Tuned CLS And ML

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750 PS AMG Mercs Take Their Chances Against 900 PS Chrysler 300C

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Roided Out SUVs: 850PS BMW X6M vs 900PS Mercedes-AMG ML63

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Unlimited 500+ Is Back With Ferrari F12 vs Tuned BMW M4