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Uber’s Travis Kalanick To Sell 29 Percent Of His Stake For $1.4 Billion

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Uber Is As A Taxi Service, EU Court Rules

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Uber User Charged Over $14,000 For 20-Minute Ride In Toronto!

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VW Is Going After Uber With New Ride Sharing Electric Minibus

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Autonomous Ride-Sharing Fleets Could Slash Demand For Owner-Driven Sedans

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Uber-Waymo Trial Delayed As Judge Discovers Uber Withheld Evidence

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Uber Teams Up With Mahindra To Test EVs In India

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Uber Paid Hackers To Keep Breach A Secret; How To Check If You’re At Risk

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Uber Creating Tech To Eliminate Motion Sickness In Autonomous Cars

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Uber Fined $8.9 Million In Colorado For Employing Unqualified Drivers

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Uber Getting Thousands Of Autonomous Robo-Taxis From Volvo

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UK Tribunal Says Local Uber Drivers Are Employees

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Uber Accepts $10 Billion Investment, Will Limit Kalanick Influence

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Study Says Ride-Hailing Services Will Lead To Declining Car Sales

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Uber Partners With NASA To Get Flying Taxis In The Air By 2020

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Uber Could Roll Out Second-Gen Semi-Autonomous Vehicles Later This Year

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Uber Has Created A Fake City In Pittsburgh To Test Its Autonomous Cars

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Uber Rolls Out Fleet Of Teslas In Dubai

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Uber Board Agrees To Changes Limiting Kalanick’s Power

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Judge Delays Waymo Vs Uber Trial Until December

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Uber’s Travis Kalanick Announces Two New Board Members

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Uber CEO Apologizes After Firm Loses London License

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Uber Loses License To Operate In London

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Waymo Wants Uber To Pay $2.6 Billion In Damages Over Stolen Trade Secret

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FBI Investigating Uber Over Software To Track Lyft Drivers

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Uber’s New CEO Wants To Take The Company Public

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Uber Being Investigated Over Foreign-Bribery Law Violations

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Expedia Chief Dara Khosrowshahi Named As Uber’s New CEO

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Former General Electric CEO Could Lead Uber

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Early Uber Investor Wants Company To Merge With Tesla

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GM Could Be Gearing Up To Battle Lyft And Uber

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Uber Shareholders Want Benchmark Kicked Off The Board

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Uber Investor Wants Travis Kalanick Removed From Company

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Uber Driver Gets Road Head As Passenger Watches On

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Uber Sued For Not Accommodating Disabled Users In New York City

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Waymo Drops Three Of Its Patent Claims Against Uber