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UK Drivers’ 2018 Resolutions Include Learning To Reverse Properly

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CR Rates Car Brands By Owner Satisfaction, Tesla Tops List, Nissan, Acura Come Last

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Study Reveals Ideal Car For British Motorists And It’s A Mess

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AAA Study Shows Premium Gasoline Has Benefits But Probably Isn’t Worth It

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Japanese Vehicles Dominate CarMD’s Latest Reliability Rankings

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Study Suggests Pokemon Go Could Have Caused 145,000 Traffic Accidents

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Study Claims One In Six New Cars Will Be Electric By 2025, Tesla Will Lead The Pack

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What Do American Parents Love And Hate On Road Trips?

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Study Says Ride-Hailing Services Will Lead To Declining Car Sales

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These Are The Best And Worst Car Colors For Resale Value

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U.S. Featured Heavily In List Of 20 Most Congested Cities In The World

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Almost One-Third Of New Vehicles Don’t Have A Spare Tire!

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Americans Still Worried About Hacking Issues In Autonomous Cars

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MINI Brand Value Now At $5 Billion, Worth More Than Ferrari

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VW Golf 40-Year Price History Points To Brand Consistency

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Where Do Your Dollars Go When You Fill Up Your Car With Gasoline?

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J.D. Power UK Reliability Study Says BMW And Audi Have Fallen From Grace To Last Place

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Americans Owe $1.1 Trillion In Auto Loans

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It’s Official: Rolls-Royce Is Pop Music’s Favorite Brand Name

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AAA Says New Cars Cost An Average Of $8,469 Annually, EVs Get Hammered By Depreciation

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Survey Says Animal Collisions Cost Americans $4 Billion Annually

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Toyota Takes Top Spot In Latest American Customer Satisfaction Index

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Good News And Bad News: Used Car Prices In The U.S. Are Rapidly Falling

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Here’s Why Wearing Safety Belts In The Back Seat Is A Must

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IIHS Study Finds Rear Seat Belt Usage Surprisingly Lax

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Michigan Has The Most Expensive Car Insurance, Maine The Cheapest

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UK Study Shows Young People Can No Longer Afford To Learn How To Drive

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Study Finds Drivers Waste Billions On Parking

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America’s Most Stolen Vehicle Is The Honda Accord

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Study Says Many Americans Can No Longer Afford To Purchase A New Vehicle

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Kia Tops J.D. Power Initial Quality Study, Fiat Finishes Last

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Three GM Crossovers Top ‘Made in America’ Auto Index

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Toyota Ranked Most Valuable Automotive Brand, Tesla Jumps 32 Percent

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What’s More Exciting: Riding In A Nissan GT-R Or Watching Football?

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Classic Mustang Reigns As Most Searched Collector Car In The US

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Which Cars Will Most Likely Go Beyond 200,000 Miles?