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Shelby Salutes Bob Bondurant With Special Continuation Cobra

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China Has Made Another Ford F-150 Clone, This Time Of The Raptor

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Indian Firm Creates Mahindra-Based Jeep Wrangler Replica

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Jaguar XK180 Concept Replica Will Cost You A Pretty Penny

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Datsun-Based Ferrari 250 GTO Replica Looks Like The Real Deal

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Revology’s 1967 Shelby GT500 Replica Costs A Whopping $219,000

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Watch A Ford Crown Vic Get Transformed Into A General Lee

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Toyota-Based Ferrari 288 GTO Replica Can Be Yours For £29,950

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Stärke Will Make You A Boxster-Based Porsche Speedster

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Cover Your Eyes: Toyota Celica Spawns Fake Nissan GT-R

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Chris Harris Experiences The Magic Of A Pur Sang Bugatti Type 35

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How To Make Fun Of Those Insufferable Car Vloggers In One Video

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Would You Drive A Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing Replica Based On An SLK?

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This Kit Car Looks Like A 1930’s Bugatti And Costs Almost $70k

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Amuse Your Friends With This Aston Mustang For Just $3,500

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Zotye SR9 Porsche Macan Clone Is Pinker Than A Girl’s Diary

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This Bentley Continental GT Off-Roader Is Either Fake…Or A Mustang

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Sellers Says This $50k Mustang-Based Bentley Clone Looks “Better Than Any Real One Under $300k”

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Someone Turned A Totaled 1988 Porsche 911 Into A 959 Cabriolet [72 Pics]

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This Guy Must Really Want A BMW i8 – Any Idea What Car It Is?

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Someone Wants $75,000 For This Ford Cougar-Based Bugatti Veyron Clone

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Infiniti Q37-Based GTA Spano Replica From Need For Speed Movie Is Insanely Expensive

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Spanish Police Uncover Counterfeit Ferrari And Lamborghini Shop

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This Mercedes SLK32 AMG Has An Old Soul (And Gullwing Style)

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How Bow Dat? A Mitsubishi Lancer In Lamborghini And Ferrari Drag

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Would You Pay $13,000 For This Pontiac Fiero-Based Ferrari F40 Replica?

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This Convincing Porsche 917K Replica Is A Tempting Buy

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1994 Toyota Celica-Based Supra Replica Built By 18 Y.O. Is For Sale… Again

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Someone Dressed A Supra With A Bentley GT3 R Suit And Is Trying To Sell It

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Ferrari P4 Replica With 575 V12 Has One Too Many Zeros In Its Price

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This Life-Size Nissan Qashqai Sculpture Was Made With A 3D Pen

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Veyron Replica Limo Featured In Pitbull’s ‘Greenlight’ Music Video

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Zotye’s $13,000 SR8 Porsche Macan Clone In Multiple Colors & Specs

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Seat Ateca Sand Sculpture Wows Barcelona Airport Passenger Traffic

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This Ferrari F40 Replica Or A Brand-New Ford Focus RS?

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Revology WIll Gladly Sell You A Brand New, Officially Licensed 1967 Shelby GT500