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UK’s New Renault Twingo Iconic Edition Will Cost You £14,595

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Renault Reportedly Readying Twingo EV

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$3,700 Stand Between You And This 70HP 1.4L Renault-Powered Mazda RX-8

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Take A Detailed Look At New Renault Twingo GT In Mega Gallery [77 Images]

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Renault Twingo GT And Dynamique S Go On Sale In The UK

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Renault Will Not Build A Twingo RS Due To Packaging

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Renault Makes The Twingo More Colorful With New Special Edition

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New Renault Twingo GT Coming To Goodwood With 110 HP

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Renault Teases Hotter Twingo On Social Media

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Londoners Getting On-The-Spot Renault Twingo Test Drives

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Renault Twingo Hipanema Offers “A Taste Of Brazil”

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Renault Launches ‘Iconic’ Special Editions Of Their Compact Models

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Renault Twingo Gets Optional EDC Transmission From £12,595

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It Turns Out You Really Can’t Drift A Renault Twingo… At All

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Renault Twingo Gets Optional EDC Dual-Clutch Transmission, Cosmic Limited Edition