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PSA Is Already Working On Vehicles For The US, Are Being Developed With Help From Opel

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Opel Skipping Geneva Show As It Has No New Products To Present

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UK Business Minister Meets With PSA’s Boss Over Vauxhall Cuts

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PSA Group Debuts New PHEV Tilting Light Vehicle Concept

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GM Was Reportedly Losing $12,000 On Every Opel Ampera-E

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PSA Reportedly Seeking Huge Refund From GM Over Opel’s CO2 Target Emissions

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2018 Citroen Berlingo And Peugeot Partner Vans Get 3008’s Upscale Interior

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PSA Group Announces Expansion Of Car Sharing Service

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PSA Has Already Decided Which Brand To Bring To America, Might Not Be DS

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Opel’s Turnaround Plan Includes EVs, More Markets And A Return To Profit By 2020

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Opel To Cut Models, Develop EV Tech As Part Of PSA’s Restructure

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Opel/Vauxhall Financial Acquisition Makes PSA’s Takeover Complete

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PSA Returns To The U.S. With The Launch Of Its Free2Move Service In Settle

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PSA And Changan Will Launch A New One-Ton Pickup By 2020

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Next Peugeot 208 To Be Offered In Pure EV Version As Well In 2019

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PSA Factories Are More Efficient Than Opel’s, Says Tavares

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PSA’s Next-Gen Models Are Engineered To Meet U.S. Regulations

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New Grandland X To Become Opel’s First Plug-In Hybrid Model

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PSA Reportedly Accused Of Cheating Emissions In 2 Million Cars

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Opel Lost Around $250 Million In The Second Quarter

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Peugeot’s 1008 Baby SUV Hiding Under A 208 Body Is One Cool Mule

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PSA Looking For Innovative Partners For Return To The United States

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Opel Is Now Officially Part Of The PSA Group

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PSA Receives Final EU Approval To Buy Opel From GM

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PSA Slow To Catch Up, Planning Level 3 Autonomous Cars After 2020

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VW Could Hire Opel CEO To Head Up Audi

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GM Sale Of Opel To PSA Could Be Completed Ahead Of Schedule

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2018 Peugeot Partner Shows Its Boxy Figure For The First Time

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PSA’s Boss Expects Opel To Lose More Money In 2017

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PSA Peugeot Citroen To Test Fully Autonomous Vehicles In Singapore

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PSA Says China Is The Key To Make It A Global Automaker

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German Automakers Thinking Of Publishing Real-World Fuel Economy Figures

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New Opel Flagship SUV Coming By 2020, Will Be Made In Germany

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Peugeot Family Sees Opel Deal As Gateway To Global Expansion

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Opel To Continue EV Push And Develop A Flagship SUV Under PSA

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How Emissions Played A Role In GM’s Decision To Sell Opel