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Snowfooling: Artist Pranks Cops With Fake Snow Car

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Seal Beach Police Department To Get Saleen S302 Police Mustang

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Tesla Employee Charged With DUI After Crashing Model 3 In California

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Authorities Arrest Two Suspects After Times Square Hit-And-Run

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Mercedes-AMG C63 Driver Hits NYPD Cop After Burnout In Times Square And Somehow Gets Away

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Just Another Night In Russia: Man Steals Armored Personnel Carrier And Crushes A Daewoo

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1,400 Cars Destroyed In Massive Parking Garage Fire On New Year’s Eve

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Car Thief Arrested Wearing A “Trust Me” T-Shirt

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Wales Police Spent Over $4.7 Million On Repairs In Just Four Years

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New Jersey Borough Wants To Ban Outsiders From Driving On Roads During Rush Hour

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Watch Japanese Cop On Bicycle Chase And Pull Over A Lamborghini Huracan

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Driver Does Donuts In Front Of Courthouse, Crashes And Promptly Gets Arrested

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Minor Accident Sparks Road Rage Shooting In Houston, One Bystander Injured

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Chevy Adds Active Safety Tech To 2018 Tahoe Police Vehicles [w/Video]

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Warning: You Might Fall Asleep Watching This Texas Highway Chase

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Corvette Leads Police On High Speed Chase Through Florida

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Thieves Steal Four Teslas, Claim They Were A Gift From A Guy Named Tesla

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Fox News Judge Clocked Doing 119 MPH In 65 Zone

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Israel Wants To Make Double Parking A Criminal Act On Par With Drunk Driving

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Police Dashcam Catches A Plane Crash In Florida

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Fu*k Trump Decal Causes Stir In Texas After Sheriff Hints At Disorderly Conduct Charge Against Owner

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McLaren 720S Driver Who Allegedly Had A Few Drinks Leads Cops In 155MPH Chase

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Dumb And Dumber BMW M3 Street-Racers Fail To Notice Cop Behind Them

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Massachusetts Police Bust Driver With Fake License Plate Made From A Pizza Box

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O Canada: Five Naked People Arrested After Bizarre Kidnapping And Crash

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Mother Arrested After Having Her Son Hold Down Pool On Roof Of Minivan

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Thieves Steal 12 Vehicles Worth $400K From Audi Dealer In Georgia

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10-Year Old Boy Leads Police On Chase That Hits Speed Of 100 MPH

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Dodge Driver Wanted For A Felony Tried To Race Undercover Police Car

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Canadian Man Gets $117 Ticket For Singing And Driving

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Police Supplier Reveals Dashcam That Could Identify Suspects

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Dodge Charger State Trooper Flips Over Suspect’s Mustang In Chase

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NYPD Cops Ordered To Remove Political Stickers From Cars

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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Involved In Texas High Speed Chase

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Louisiana Sheriff Refuses To Buy Ford’s Police Cars For Supporting NFL Anthem Protests

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Forget The Bugatti, The Dubai Police Unveil Their New Hoverbike