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Toyota Adds Over 600,000 Vehicles To Takata Airbag Recall In The U.S.

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CR’s 10 Most Reliable Cars For 2017

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Rusted Lexus IS Will Leave You Shaking Your Head

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What’s The Best Compact Luxury Sedan In The Market?

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2017 Lexus IS Spot Offers Glimpse At Possible Future

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Can An Old Lexus IS 200 Beat A Civic Type R Around A Track?

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Lexus Says Sedans Won’t Survive Unless They Evolve

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Ask Us Anything: 2017 Lexus IS200t

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Toyota, Scion And Lexus Add 543,000 Cars To Takata Recall, Including LFA

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Order The Updated 2017 Lexus IS In UK From £29,995

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Lexus Reveals 2017 IS Wrapped In Almost 42,000 LEDs

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Lexus Spices Up LA Auto Show With Sriracha IS Concept [w/Video]

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Europe’s Facelifted 2017 Lexus IS Range Bows In Paris

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Lexus IS Enters The Million-Made Club After 17 Years

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Better Late Than Never: Lexus Gets Its Own Performance Driving School

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Toyota Recalls Another 1.5 Million Cars Equipped With Takata Airbags

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Entry-Level Tesla Model S 70D Goes Drag Racing Against Lexus IS F

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A Visual Comparison Between The 2017 Lexus IS And Its Predecessor

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Lexus Gives 2017 IS Sedan A Modest Facelift

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Lexus Teases Revamped IS, Brands It “A Bold Evolution”

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Lexus IS F Looks Underrated Even On Custom Wheels

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Lexus’ US Sales Boom Thanks To Buyers’ Appetite For F Sport Variants

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Lexus Makes A Life-Size Origami IS Replica That You Can Actually Drive

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Lexus IS And CT Get Sport Editions In Europe

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Lexus Outlines 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show Debuts

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Lexus Slowing Things Down For Our Viewing Pleasure

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This Is Why Lexus Shouldn’t Make An IS Sportwagon

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2014 Lexus IS F Review & Test Drive

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2015 Lexus RC Stuns Some With True Sports-Coupe Appeal

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2014 Lexus IS 250 Review & Test Drive

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2014 Lexus IS 350 Review & Test Drive

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Lexus Fully Reveals New 2014 IS and IS F Sport in Detroit

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Lexus Releases Official 2014 IS F Sport Images before Detroit Reveal

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2011 Lexus IS 350C F-Sport Review & Test Drive

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2011 Lexus IS ‘Music Track’ Commercial