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Order The New Honda Civic Diesel From £20,120 In Britain

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Entry-Level Civic, Leon And i30 Engage In Budget Hatchbacks’ Drag Race

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Mugen’s Take On The Base Civic Hatch Is Subtle Yet Still Stands Out

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Ford F-150 Continues To Dominate The Sales Chart But The Surprise Winner Is The Dodge Grand Caravan

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CR-V Custom Concept Leads Honda’s Lineup For The 2018 Tokyo Salon

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Fastest Tuned Hondas Civics In America Partake In 1/4 Mile Drag Race

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Japanese Vehicles Dominate CarMD’s Latest Reliability Rankings

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Base Honda Civic Is Surprisingly Fun If You Can Live With Its Looks

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How The New Honda Civic Type R Avoids Torque Steer

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Honda Civic, Mazda 3, And Chevy Cruze Batten Down The Hatches

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America’s 10 Best-Selling Sedans Of 2017

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2018 Honda Civic Type R Price Bumped To $34,100, No Entry Level

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The Honda Civic Hatchback Has Changed A Bit In The Last 44 Years

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Honda Civic Type R Crate Engine Announced, Costs $6,520

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Matt Farah Puts The Honda Civic Type R Through Its Paces

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Meet The 500HP Honda Civic That Can Keep Up With A Supercar

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Matte Black Civic Type R Shows How Vinyl’s Done Right

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Entry-Level Honda Civic Type R To Launch Next Year

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2018 Honda Civic Sedan Priced From $18,840, Coupe Starting At $19,250

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Civic Type R And Fireblade Inspire Honda Robot Lawnmowers

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Honda’s New Civic Diesel Wants Some Attention Too In Frankfurt

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Wrecked 2018 Honda Civic Type R Is A Horrible Sight

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New Honda Urban EV Concept Coming To Frankfurt Show

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The Death Of Diesel? Honda’s New Oil-Burning Civic Begs To Differ

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Someone Tried To Sell A Used Honda Civic Type R For $55k On Craigslist

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JDM Honda Civic Type R Accessories Make It Even Wilder

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Record-Setting Hypermiling Honda Civic Takes One Last Road Trip

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How Does Honda’s Civic Type R Stand Up To Ford’s Focus RS?

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Honda Tops KBB’s 2017 Awards List

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Six-Wheel Honda Civic Wagon Will Have You Scratching Your Head

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New Honda Civic Type R Revealed In TCR Racing Guise

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America’s Most Stolen Vehicle Is The Honda Accord

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Genesis G90 Named The Most Satisfying Vehicle In America

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Honda Says An Auto ‘Box Was Too Heavy For Civic Type R

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And The Winner Of KBB’s 2017 Compact Hatchback Crown Is…

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Virginia Honda Dealer Takes 2018 Civic Type R For A Quick Ride