BMW Driver Rear Ends Multiple Cars While In Distress

The driver of this E60 BMW 5-Series damaged a total of five vehicles at a stop light in Suceava, Romania, while having an epilepsy seizure.

The accident occurred last week in downtown Suceava, and according to reports, during the seizure, the driver (a young man) was unable to remove his right foot from the accelerator pedal.

In the end, he had to be taken to a nearby hospital, as were four other motorists involved in the crash. As you can tell from the footage, the car was traveling worryingly fast at the moment of impact.

According to Observator, the driver of the BMW is now under investigation by authorities. While he did have a valid UK driver’s license, police investigators will be looking to see if he had been cleared to drive by any medical establishment.

As for the silver lining, at least the out-of-control car didn’t run through the intersection, potentially hitting pedestrians on any nearby sidewalk.

Note: Mind the explicit language at the end