Alright, Alright: Matthew McConaughey Doesn’t Say A Word In New 2018 Lincoln Navigator Ad

Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey is back behind the wheel of a Lincoln, just in time for the NCAA football playoffs.

The new ad campaign, dubbed ‘Perfect Rhythm’, will feature two spots starring McConaughey and the 2018 Navigator, this being the first one.

“Perfect rhythm refers to the feeling you get in those situations when everything comes together,” said Lincoln marketing exec, John Emmert. “This is our most spacious, refined and capable Navigator ever, combining modern luxury with advanced technology that elevates every passenger’s experience.”

The video was shot in the Pacific Northwest by cinematographer Wally Pfister, who also worked on the “That’s Continental” campaign. The concept was to have McConaughey pull up to a railroad crossing and start an impromptu concert, although no train is in sight.

“This piece is all about energy,” added Emmert. “You see Matthew in control. He starts a rhythm and it builds, and he becomes the master of his experience. We’ve overlaid a complex sound design as a freight train enters the scene and rumbles by. There’s this wonderful crescendo of light and sound that builds and then ends as suddenly as it begins.”

The two-part campaign will air as a TV ad during the January 1st College Football Playoffs, starting with this 60-second video. A second spot will then air later on in the month.


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