Alfa Romeo 4C Looks Killer (However Unlikely) In Dakar Rally Spec

To make a Dakar rally machine, you want to start with something robust, with good ground clearance and off-road chops you can build upon. Something… rather unlike an Alfa Romeo 4C, in short, but that’s the fantasy we’re looking at here.

Rendered by Seattle-based artist Mo Aoun, the improbable prospect before us turns Alfa’s lightweight track toy into a dune-jumping, desert-crossing rally raider.

On second thought, though, the idea may not be that crazy. Most of the top-tier machinery contesting the Dakar these days are custom fabricated with lightweight bodywork, often with their engines in the back, and (in the case of the current reigning Peugeot) just two driven wheels.

With Peugeot planning to withdraw after the next running, the Dakar’s going to need a new front-runner. Alfa Romeo isn’t likely to pick up that particular mantle – especially now that it’s (sort of) returning to F1. But it’d sure be awesome if it did.

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