A White Knuckle Ride: The Iconic 1973 Porsche 2.7 RS

A Guest Post by James Wharton at Drivenlab.com

Cars.  To most people, that is all they are.  Transportation, and nothing more.  People buy them as they would a washing machine, for to most, a car is yet another appliance.  For the masses, the experience of “car” means talking to a man in a bad suit, listen to rehearsed answers to questions you haven’t asked, and haggling over specs, colors and paint protection packages – all before going home swearing you will never do any of it ever again.  How something so dear to my heart can be such a chore to others defies my comprehension.  For me, the automotive experience holds a deeper meaning.

There is a burning lust that automotive enthusiasts hold for particular vehicles… an unexplainable emotional connection to a seemingly cold metal machine.  Case and point, while out for this weekends drive, I stumbled upon an all time love; the iconic 1973 Porsche 2.7 RS.

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