A Polaris RZR Tackles Pike’s Peak

The Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb challenges drivers from around the world to let it all hang out as they tackle the notorious mountain course. Unlike sane motorsport events, where a mistake costs you a few seconds per lap, a mistake at Pike’s Peak could be your last. If driving flat-out on both paved and dirt roads, many without guardrails, sounds like your idea of fun, then you’ll love the video below.

Take a Polaris RZR, stuff in a one-liter Yamaha Apex motor and throw a turbo on it, and the net result is a 260 horsepower ATV. Eligible to run in the Exhibition Powersport class, this RXR-X looks to be a handful behind the wheel – check out driver Doug Siddens’ hand motions as he tries to keep the RZR pointed in the right direction. It’s amusing to watch, but I’m not sure I’d want to drive that beast up Pike’s Peak at speed.

Source: YouTube, via Autoblog