A Ford GT For DTM Racing? We Approve

With a class win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans under its belt, the latest-generation Ford GT has already proven its racing prowess.

Nevertheless, rendering artist rc-workchop has decided to see what the new GT would look like if it were transformed into a DTM race car.

Those with a keen interest in DTM will know that the championship is in rather poor health following Mercedes-Benz’s decision to quit the sport in favor of Formula E. As such, the series could certainly do with another marque. This is where Ford comes in.

To create this wild GT, rc-workchop customized the exterior with flared wheel arches and a host of crazy aerodynamic aids all aimed at increasing downforce without generating crippling levels of drag. The result is a creation that is part Ford and part intergalactic spaceship.

Of course, Ford will never enter DTM with the GT but if it did, we’d certainly tune in.


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