470HP VW Golf R By APR Beats Canyons Into Submission

Tuned VW Golf Rs have gained the reputation of offering a “mini GT-R” vibe and it’s easy to see why after watching what APR has done to theirs.

APR’s “Gonzo” show car features almost everything the company has to offer for the VW Golf R, including a complete APR 2.0-liter crate motor with forged internals and a 71mm Borg-Warner turbocharger.

The results are pretty impressive as this Golf R makes 471hp at the wheels on 91 octane fuel, which goes up to 536hp if you use race gas. In comparison, the factory Golf R makes 292hp, at the crank.

However, and despite its long list of mods, APR’s Golf R remains a civilized drive, albeit one that will glue your back to the seat every time you go near the throttle. And the chassis looks like it’s more than capable of dealing with the power, giving the driver the confidence to really enjoy the supercar-baiting performance.

Watch Matt Farah shredding one of his favorite canyon roads with the APR Golf R in his latest One Take video.