2019 Mercedes A-Class Will Probably Look A Lot Like This

If the third-gen CLS is any indication, Mercedes-Benz is in the midst of a design language shift, and the 2019 A-Class will probably adopt many of the new elements.

As soon as Mercedes started shedding some of the camouflage on their A-Class prototypes, we recognized the Concept A Sedan features, from the sharp, downward angled LED headlights to the horizontal, teardrop-shaped taillights.

There’s also a little bit of the Concept EQA in the new A-Class, but the similarities are very subtle – mostly the shape of the headlights and the overall compact dimensions.

Just recently, the Stuttgart-based automaker released a teaser video showing the 2019 A-Class undergoing cold weather tests, providing us with a genuinely good look at the taillight graphics.

Now, thanks to Japanese website Response, we can see how all these features come together in what is undoubtedly the best all-new A-Class render we’ve seen so far, and it certainly seems like Mercedes is again aiming to make a stylish premium compact hatchback.


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