2019 Honda Insight Looks Surprisingly Good In Type-R Guise

Even though Honda is unlikely to build a performance-oriented version of the new Insight, we can’t help but give them credit for at least making the new one much more attractive than its predecessor.

As is the case with newly-launched cars, X-Tomi created a rendering of the 2019 Insight, showing how a hypothetical Type R version might look. His list of changes including new bumpers, a rear wing, bigger wheels (and brakes) and a dark grille, mirrors and roof.

The simple fact that this car doesn’t look ridiculous with all this extra stuff on is a testament to the real model’s successful redesign. Also, in case anybody forgot what the Insight used to look like, here’s a reminder. Not one of Honda’s finest moments, was it?

Now, for argument’s sake, let’s just say that Honda does launch an Insight Type-R. The question is, would it be more attractive than the Civic Type-R? Well, they belong in different segments, but the render doesn’t look as over-styled as the Civic Type-R, which some people might actually appreciate.