2018 Lexus LS Is A Worthy Rival To The German Establishment

While the all-new Lexus LS won’t offer you as many engine options as its rivals from Mercedes, BMW and Audi, what you do get is a no-nonsense luxury car that’s extremely comfortable to sit in.

According to Carwow’s review of the LS 500h, the new limo isn’t quite as sharp on the road as the 7-Series or the A8, and its air suspension doesn’t deal with bumps as well as the one you get in the S-Class, but overall, it does a solid job of keeping you comfortable. That actually goes double if you’re sitting in the back, where you can stretch out almost completely and choose between a great number of massaging functions.

The interior is top notch, too, as Lexus made sure the LS would be on par with its rivals when it comes to build quality.

As for straight line performance, the 2018 LS is not a slow car, by any stretch of the imagination, since the hybrid version sprints to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.4 seconds. Sure, you’ll find plenty of faster options out there if you go for one of its German rivals, but we doubt this is a priority in a luxury saloon anyway.