1928 Ford Is The Coolest Rat Rod I’ve Ever Seen

There are only two kinds of car guys: those who love rat rods and those who hate them. If they’re authentic, I’m a big fan, but nothing is cheesier than a fiberglass replica sprayed up to look like rusty metal. Ditto for “authentically distressed” parts; if you pulled it off a ’32 Ford in a junk yard, it’s cool. If you buried it in your back yard for a month to look old, it’s not so cool. When it comes to cool and authentic rat rods, this ’28 Ford Model A up for sale on Auto Trader Classics is as good as it gets.

First, that’s an authentic body, right down to the faded original paint and “W.M. Roe Post 99” lettering. Someone painted that by hand, back in the 1930s. The frame is from a Model A, but it’s been sectioned and reinforced, and the car rocks a 7” drop. Power comes from a moderately built Ford 302, with custom heads, a hot cam and dual Holley carbs. The transmission is from Speedway Motors, and the power gets to the ground via an 8” Ford rear with 3.80 gears. In other words, this thing would be a blast to launch off a stoplight.

As for the rest of the build, it’s chock full of good stuff. Aluminum was used in the bed and door panels to save weight, and the car sits on 24” Foose Nitrous wheels (although the owner will toss in the original steelies if you want them). The owner’s asking for a very reasonable $13,000, which seems like a hell of a deal for a turn-key rod. Even if you weren’t a fan of the whole rat-rod look, you could certainly dress it up and throw on a coat of paint (though please don’t) for less than it would cost you to build a ground up rod. I’m sure it’ll find a good home, and I doubt it will take very long to sell.

Source: Bang Shift