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Edmunds Buys Its Own Tesla Model 3, Delivers First Impressions 13

After placing a reservation in early 2016, Edmunds received its own Tesla Model 3 to put through its long-term testing process.

As with all the cars in this first production batch, this Model 3 is the Long Range version that also features the mandatory-for-now Premium Upgrades pack as well as the Autopilot semi-autonomous system. All this equipment increased the price of Edmunds’ Model 3 up from the base $44,000 to $55,000.

First impressions of the Model 3 are more than positive, with the car being pretty quick, while the chassis feels sorted and showing off its good balance and low center of gravity.

The biggest talking point however is the ergonomics of the minimalist cabin; cramming everything into a big, landscape-oriented touchscreen requires more time than usual for the driver to learn where everything is. But even when he does, things like not having a speedometer ahead of the driver remain less than ideal.

The Model 3 is definitely the brand’s make-or-break car, but the first impressions so far point at a well-sorted compact saloon that has that special Tesla character people seem to like so much.


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