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2019 Audi A7 Designers Believe Their Brainchild Is The Bomb 12

We guess that all car designers are, understandably, proud of their work, no matter what the public thinks of it. However, the two people responsible for the looks of the all-new A7 Sportback feel they have created something truly special.

According to exterior designers Andreas Koglin and Sebastian Russo, some of the lines on the all-new A7, such as the low shoulder line or how it all comes together over the rear wheel arch, are new for Audi.

Moreover, they are especially happy with the horizontal light strip at the rear, which, Russo thinks, makes the A7 look like a UFO when viewed from behind, at a certain distance.

Another interesting design trait of the A7 is its fuel cap, which is actually cutting through one of the main design lines of the car, thus requiring some extra work from the engineering department due to its positioning.

From the get-go, Audi wanted to make sure that the new A7 Sportback would be more beautiful than its predecessor, as well as considerably sportier than the A8. Now, thanks to the sleek styling, not to mention the wide grille that’s also positioned lower than on the A8 for a more aggressive look, both goals appear to have been achieved.


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