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Skoda Rally Car Gives Taxi Passengers More Than They Bargained For 25

We expect taxis to be clean and comfortable. We expect the drivers to be punctual and professional. We don’t expect a lot of excitement from the ride, but that’s just what a handful of passengers in Prague got recently.

Skoda dispatched five-time Czeck Rally Champion (and onetime European champ) Jan Kopecký in one of its Fabia R5 rally cars to pick up passengers at taxi stands around the city and take them for what will likely be the ride of their lives.

“Driving a ŠKODA FABIA R5 through the city of Prague really was an unique experience,” said Kopecký. “Luckily nobody got stomach problems. Nevertheless I was well prepared having sickness bags in ŠKODA colours on board,” he laughed.

In lieu of cab fare, each of the 23 passengers was tasked with reading Kopecký the pace notes and operating the wipers so they could experience what it’s like to be a rally co-driver.

It was a fitting year-end celebration for the Czech manufacturer that won both the national championship and the WRC2 category for the third time running, making the Fabia R5 the undisputed king of its class.


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