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2012 VW Golf R: The U.S. Loses Again 28
Posted by Kurt Ernst in 2012 Golf R, Automotive, Golf R, News, Volkswagen, VW on 02 28th, 2011

The 2012 VW Golf R. Image: Volkswagen

Have your heart set on a 2012 VW Golf R? Don’t worry, the car’s still coming to this side of the pond, and there’s a good chance you’ll be able to take one home in time for Christmas. That’s the good news, but as you may have guessed, there’s bad news as well. In EU trim, the 2012 VW Golf R will be good for 270 horsepower and 258 ft lb of torque, but in U.S. trim, the car is reduced to 256 horsepower and 243 ft lb of torque. If you’d hoped for VW’s outstanding DSG dual-clutch gearbox, I’ve got more bad news for you: VW is only bringing in manual transmission versions of the Golf R.

The 2012 Golf R will be powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder, and as with previous Golf R models the power gets sent to all four wheels. To keep things simple for the U.S. market (thus reducing VW’s expenses), buyers won’t have a lot of versions or options to choose from. The car will come in both two and four door models, and a premium package will give buyers a sunroof, premium audio and nav systems. Autoblog, who broke this story as part of their Geneva Auto Show coverage, tells us that pricing is expected to start at $33,000, which is comparable to where the last generation Golf R model began.

I’ve always been a fan of the Golf R, and nearly bought the first U.S. version with the VR6 motor in 2004. Even though the pricing for 2012 models isn’t expected to be substantially higher than the 2008 models, that’s still pretty lofty territory. If you want luxury and performance, a few dollars more buys you an Infiniti G37 Coupe (or sedan). If it’s just speed you’re after, that money buys a well equipped Ford Mustang GT, complete with the 412 horsepower Coyote V8. If it’s AWD and performance you want, the Subaru Impreza WRX gives you comparable horsepower for about six grand less than the VW Golf R, and the WRX STI gives you more horsepower and (potentially) better handling at the same price. Both cars also lack the VW’s superb interior, something that helps differentiate the Golf R from other cars in the market. Is it worth the money? I’ll let you know as soon as I have a chance to drive one.

Source: Autoblog

MTM Tuned R8 Biturbo: Dark Glasses Not Included 28
Posted by Kurt Ernst in audi, Audi R8, Automotive, Geneva Motor Show, MTM R8 Biturbo, Tuners on 02 28th, 2011

Image: MTM

Don’t even think about buying this one-off, uber-tuned R8 from MTM unless you own some serious sunglasses. In fact, welders goggles wouldn’t be out of the question, especially on sunny days. The exterior, you see, was stripped of paint before the bare aluminum was polished to a mirror-like sheen, a process that took some 700 hours to complete. Put that into perspective for a second: if you were working at home in your garage, killing two hours of spare time per day, that finish would take you nearly a year to duplicate (at which time you’d probably have to start all over again to remove the oxidation). As cool as it is, that’s not what the MTM R8 Biturbo is really about.

Image: MTM

The real mission of the MTM R8 Biturbo is speed, and the car’s 777 horsepower twin-turbo V10 should provide plenty of mission support. The engine cranks out 655 ft lb of torque as well, enough to launch the car from zero to sixty in under three seconds. Top speed is said to be 217 miles per hour, and MTM put serious effort into the brakes and suspension to keep the car safe at those speeds. Each corner gets a fifteen inch rotor, backed up by an eight piston caliper, and the whole car rides on a custom coilover suspension. Forged 20” rims, polished to match the rest of the car, complete the build.

The car really isn’t for sale, as it was designed to showcase the work MTM is capable of. That said, everything has its price, and the MTM R8 Biturbo is no exception. The tuner figures it cost them around $554,000 to build, so if you want to park this in your garage you’d best plan on a starting bid well north of there.

Source: Autoevolution

2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution SE Review & Test Drive 28
Posted by Harvey Schwartz in Automotive, featured, Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Lancer, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution SE, Test Drives on 02 28th, 2011


The all-new Limited Edition 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution SE (Special Edition) combines the best of the GSR and MR while saving you more than $3,000.00 off the price for a comparable MR model.  The all-new SE slots nicely between the GSR and MR, and like the new MR, loses the high rear wing in favor of a more discreet rear lip spoiler for downforce enhancement.

The all-new EVO SE features the signature EVO MR ‘shark nose’ front fascia, HID headlamps, foglamps, large side airdams, aggressively styled sloping aluminum hood with air scoop and heat extractors, side fenders with heat extractors, deep lower side extensions, boxed fenders, a working rear air diffuser with dual, 4in. wide polished aluminum exhaust tips, and special SE badging on the lower right trunk panel.

On the inside the SE features cloth, with suede inserts, Recaro racecar bucket seats instead of the MR’s leather Recaro’s, but both are heated.   I prefer the cloth with suede inserts for a car of this handling prowess because you tend to move more sitting on leather are you scream around tight curving roads.  Also featured on the inside of the

SE is a new, high-contrast multi-color LCD cluster, and a leather-wrapped parking brake with chrome button.  One other difference between the MR and SE is that the SE is shod with Enkei light alloy 18X8.5in. multi-spoke wheels instead of the MR’s BBS light alloy 18X8.5in. multi-spoke wheels, but both ride on sticky 245/40R18in. Yokohama Advan high-performance, low-profile tires.

New for all 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions this year is Mitsubishi’s FUSE hand’s-free link system that gives users the ability to access their Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, iPod or USB drive with the sound of their voice; Real-Time Traffic is a very convenient and informative real-time traffic function that has been added to the optional 40GB HDD navigation system; the Lancer Evolution’s dual exhaust system has been re-tuned for an even more sporty-sounding exhaust note; new low profile rear spoilers for the SE and MR with the GSR coming with the large rear spoiler as standard; every Lancer Evolution features a convenient USB port that is easily accessed inside the storage bin.

With its rally racing-inspired design, electronic driver aids and potent turbocharged power, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is one of the most capable high-performance sports sedans in the world today.  The all-new 2011 Lancer Evolution SE doesn’t lose any of the MR’s high-performance magic under the skin.

The heart of the SE is the 4B11 T/C engine that gets the pulse pumping hard of even the most jaded enthusiast.  This 2.0 liter, DOHC 16-valve four-banger consists of an all-aluminum engine block and cylinder head and a bore and stroke that both measure exactly 86.0mm (3.4in.), making it a ‘square’ design as it bore-stroke ratio is 1.0.  Power ratings for this potent engine are 291hp at 6,500rpm and 300lb.ft. of torque at a much lower 4,000rpm.  the Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system (MIVEC) works on both the intake and exhaust camshafts for optimized power production and cleaner exhaust emissions.  This twin-scroll turbocharged and intercooled engine’s compression ratio is set at 9.0:1.  The engine revs so quickly and effortlessly to it high 7,000rpm redline that it is scary fun watching the white tachometer needle quickly go up then quickly go down as you hold on for dear life.

Hard–core driving enthusiasts will really enjoy the high-tech transmission found standard in the new EVO SE.  Mitsubishi’s revolutionary Twin Clutch Sportronic Shift Transmission (TC-SST) is nothing short of an engineering marvel.

The TC-SST allows you to perform shifts in a fraction of the time it would take to change gears manually.  The system also allows you to make these shifts via the console-mounted baseball shaped and stitched console-mounted shift lever, or even faster with the more conveniently located magnesium steering wheel paddle shifters.  For just cruising this close-ratio six-speed Twin-Clutch Sportronic Shift Transmission can operate in a fully automated mode, just like the typical automatic transmission.  In either manual or automatic mode, each up or down shift takes place instantaneously with no perceptible lag time, with the engine management system ‘blipping’ the throttle with every downshift, matching the engine and transmission speeds perfectly.  I still can’t believe how quick the shifts take place and when attacking a steep curve, how quickly the downshift takes place with a perfect match to the higher rpm’s.

Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution has always been known for its exceptional handling prowess, but the advanced electronic driver aids on the current generation vehicle-especially the company’s superb Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) system-have taken the EVO’s road hugging maneuverability to an astonishingly high-level, just like a real rally racecar.

Super All-Wheel Control is not one specific device but a network of technologically-advanced dynamic systems that constantly communicate with each other to provide optimized tractability.  These include Active Stability Control (ASC), and Active Center Differential (ACD), an Active Yaw Control (AYC) rear differential, and Sport ABS brakes.  Working in concert, Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) modulates torque delivery to each wheel in real-time for maximum control.

The Active Stability Control (ASC) includes the EVO’s vehicle traction control and stability control systems and helps to regulate brake force and engine power distribution at each individual wheel.

The Active Center Differential (ACD) uses an electronically-controlled hydraulic multi-plate clutch to split torque (up to 50:50) between the front and rear wheels.  This routing of engine power between the front and rear of the vehicle is determined by data collected from a variety of sensors including individual wheel speeds; throttle opening, steering wheel angle, and the vehicle’s lateral and longitudinal positioning.

Acting in a similar fashion to a conventional limited-slip differential, the Active Yaw Control (AYC) rear differential utilizes a planetary rear differential, yaw rate sensor and brake force control via the Active Stability Control (ASC) system to control rear wheel torque for improved traction and stability in slippery road conditions and high-speed driving.

Also, thanks to advanced brake pressure and yaw rate sensors, the Sport ABS system helps you to maintain better steering control on slippery surfaces or under very heavy braking.

The S-AWC system is amazing to drive with.  I felt so confident in any driving situation and how well the system kept me on track with amazing grip during my many drives on different types of road surfaces and different speeds.  The all-wheel drive has two shift-gate mounted settings-comfort and sport, that gives you a choice for a more comfortable ride when you are just cruising and relaxing, or tightens up the gear changes for razor-sharp reaction to your throttle inputs.  They have it nailed down perfectly!

A highly rigid structure, strong but lightweight components and a superbly-tuned independent suspension system make up the foundation of every Lancer EVO.  The EVO’s platform features ample use of ultra-strong yet lightweight high-tensile steel along with a hood, greenhouse and front fenders composed entirely of lightweight aluminum.  Mitsubishi engineers cleverly placed the car’s battery and windshield washer fluid reservoir in the trunk to help improve its ideal vehicle weight distribution of 57.4/42.6% front to rear giving the EVO SE a more neutral and nimble feel on the road.

Like the MR, the SE’s suspension consists of a MacPherson type strut (inverted strut) design up front with race-bred Eibach coil springs that lower the car slightly, Bilstein mono-tube gas-charged shocks and a 25mm stabilizer bar keeping front body lean to a minimum.  The rear multi-link setup includes the same Eibach coil springs, Bilstein mono-tube gas-charged shocks and a 23mm stabilizer bar.  To improve unsprung weight, the control arms for both the front and rear suspensions are constructed of forged aluminum.  Quickly and safely slowing the EVO SE down from speed are the same incredible brake package found in the MR.  Up front are 13.8in. vented rotors clamped with light-weight, 2-piece, four-piston Brembo calipers, while the rear features 13in. vented rotors clamped with Brembo two-piston calipers.  The incredible braking ability of the EVO SE is enhanced with 4-channel Sport ABS with EBD.

This setup is race-track-ready for head-to-head competition, or when challenging sharp curving roads in the mountains or on the back roads.

Having made its mark on the world in motorsports competition including multiple championships in the grueling World Rally Championship (WRC) where combatants battle it out on courses that include sand, gravel and paved roads, the all-new EVO SE’s suspension is stiff but never harsh and is a delightful vehicle to live with on a daily basis thanks to its excellent ergonomics and thoughtful amenities.

The comfortable and supportive Recaro bucket seats work well for either quick trips or long daily commutes, while a sumptuous-sounding six-speaker 140-watt AM-FM-CD/MP3 audio system wit digital processor, automatic climate control wit micron filter, sporty leather wrapped/tilting steering wheel with cruise control/audio buttons, remote keyless entry, aluminum faced pedals, power windows, variable intermittent wipers/washers, power side windows, power door locks, dual front cupholders, storage slot, storage bin under a padded top, dual visor with vanity mirrors, rear pull-down armrest with dual cupholders, front-door storage slots, dual map lights, grab handles atop each door, 12-volt accessory outlet, thick cut-pile carpeting and signature front/rear floor mats.  All controls, levers, switches and buttons are within easy reach and illuminated for safe nighttime driving and helps make extended time behind the wheel very pleasurable.

The new 2011 EVO SE features numerous innovative safety technologies to help protect you and your passengers.  It is endowed with Mitsubishi’s next-generation Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) unibody platform that, in the event of a side or rear collision helps to dissipate energy away from the vehicle’s occupants to improve protection from injury: the RISE system also helps to protect the fuel system from rear impacts.  Seven airbags are also included: an advanced dual front airbag supplemental restraint system with occupant sensors, front seat-mounted side-impact airbags, side curtain airbags and a driver’s-side knee airbag, tire pressure monitoring system, 3-point safety belts for all five occupants with load limiters/pretensioners up front, LATCH system for child seats, daytime running lamps, engine immobilizer and car alarm.

With a price of only $35,790.00 the all-new EVO SE is simply fantastic, awesome and incredible.  You can’t get any other super-high-performing four-door sedan for a better price.




  • Price: As-Tested $35,790
  • Wheelbase: 104.3in.
  • Total length: 177in.
  • Total width: 71.3in.
  • Total height: 58.3in.
  • Track: f/r-60.8/60.8in.
  • Minimum ground clearance: 5.3in.
  • Passenger volume: 100.2 cu.ft.
  • Luggage volume: 6.9 cu.ft.
  • Headroom: f/r-40.6/36.9in.
  • Legroom: 42.5/33.3in.
  • Curb weight: 3,562 lbs.
  • Turning circle: 38.7ft.
  • Fuel tank: 14.5 gallons
  • 0-60mph: 5.2 seconds
  • EPA mileage: 17mpg/city, 22mpg/highway

Maybach 57S Cruiserio Coupe Also to be Present at Geneva 28
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Exelero concept, Fredrik Burchhardt, geneva, Maybach 57S Cruiserio Coupe, Xenetac on 02 28th, 2011

Though the sales of its new vehicle Maybach 57S Cruiserio Coupe in Saudi Arabia hasn’t started, the manufacturer is all set to unveil the same at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

The vehicle is designed by Fredrik Burchhardt, the same designer behind the Exelero concept. The most acclaimed features of the auto are as follows: It features a 6.0-liter V12 engine that produces 603 hp (450 kW / 612 PS) and 738 lb-ft (1,000) Nm of torque.

This makes it capable to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 5 seconds and offers a top speed of approximately 275 km/h (172 mph). It is expected to feed on an average fuel consumption of 16.4 L/100 km (14.3 mpg US) and CO2 emissions of 390 g/km.

Maybach 57S Cruiserio Coupe
Maybach 57S Cruiserio Coupe1
Maybach 57S Cruiserio Coupe2

However, the manufacturer has made it clear that the production is limited to 100 units. Maybach 57S Cruiserio Coupe comes with a starting price of €675,000 ($929,685).

De Tomaso SLC Official Photos Released 28
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, De Tomaso, De Tomaso SLC, Geneva Motor Show, Pininfarina factory, premium large crossover concept, sedan, SLC, Sport Luxury Sedan, sports coupe on 02 28th, 2011

De Tomaso has come up with the first details and photographs of the De Tomaso SLC. The vehicle is to be unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motor show. The premium large crossover concept of De Tomaso, known as the SLS (Sport Luxury Sedan), is yet to get its real name tag. The SLS features two power options such as a 550-hp V-8 and a 300-hp V-6 in addition to all-wheel drive.

De Tomaso SLC
De Tomaso SLC1
De Tomaso SLC2

The company also made it clear that they want to launch two more models, namely, a sports coupe and a sedan. These models, according to the manufacturer, will be released later. The company plans to produce 3,000 units of the sedan and 2,000 units of that of the coupe model per year.

Well, in case of the SLS, production is set to begin in 2011 itself, producing 3000 units per year. It has been learnt that the cars will be built at De Tomaso Automobili SpA plant, a former Pininfarina factory near Turin and in the Livorno factory.

Koenigsegg Agera R More Details Out 28
Posted by Alex Ion in Agera, Agera R, Automotive News, Geneva Motor Show, Koenigsegg, Koenigsegg Agera R, Special Michelin, Speed Racer themed hyper car, Upcoming Events on 02 28th, 2011

Koenigsegg has come up with more details on their new to-be-debuted automobile – Agera R. The vehicle will be revealed at Geneva motor show. However this is something that makes up the pre-debut reveal.

Koenigsegg Agera R
Koenigsegg Agera R1
Koenigsegg Agera R2
Koenigsegg Agera R3
Koenigsegg Agera R4
Koenigsegg Agera R5

Agera R is considered to be a slightly improved version of the Koenigsegg Agera. The Speed Racer themed hyper car is equipped with Vortex Generating Rim (VGR) wheels. It gives a turbine effect that in turn creates some down force. The Special Michelin tires incorporated offers a speed rating of up to 260 mph (419 km/h). Well, this is considered to be the highest-speed-rated tires in the world.

It also features a custom carbon fiber roof box which is permanently attached as a single-piece to the roof panel. The standard roof panel is pulled out of the trunk, when the roof box is removed.

No performance specifications of the vehicle have been released. Well, it comes with a larger 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that churns out 1115 PS (1099 bhp / 820 kW) and 1200 Nm (885 lb-ft) of torque.

Video: Chris Harris from EVO Magazine Drives New McLaren MP4-12C 28
Posted by Larry in Automotive, Chris Harris, featured, mclaren, McLaren MP4-12C, video on 02 28th, 2011

EVO Magazine’s very own Chris Harris takes us for a drive in the new McLaren MP4-12C around a wet track in this exclusive test-drive video below. Chris explains several aspects of the MP4-12C literally going through each powertrain and handling modes. If you ever wondered what the McLaren MP4-12C was all about, then Chris has your answer. Enjoy!

[source: EVO]

Information On ‘Windows Disk’ Rogue Optimization Program And Why It Is Not Trustworthy 28
Posted by Steven in Computer Help, Windows Disk on 02 28th, 2011

Has your computer ever started to slow down because of some disk issue such as it being fragmented or your PC was suffering from malware? It has happened to the best of us. One program that cybercrooks are marketing to PC users with that type of issue, called Windows Disk, was found to be a scam.

Windows Disk or WindowsDisk, is a scam in the way that it was created by cybercrooks with the intent to swindle computer users out of money. The Windows Disk program is offered on malicious sites that pretend to be a legitimate source for solving computer issues. These sites may offer an application to ‘solve performance issues’ and ‘fix PC errors’. But after seeking information from various reputable PC security sources, it was discovered that Windows Disk is nothing more than part of a scam.

Windows Disk, after installation, will attempt to mimic the actions of a trusted PC performance boosting application. It will act as if it has found several computer errors on the PC that it is installed on and then offer a solution only if you purchase the full Windows Disk program. Windows Disk will even go as far as to offer disk defragmentation, which is another fabricated feature of Windows Disk. Computer users who encounter Windows Disk are strongly urged to remove it at once. By purchasing Windows Disk it will do nothing but put you at risk of your credit card information being stolen by some hacker all for a useless PC optimization program created by cybercrooks.

How Can You Remove Windows Disk?

Windows Disk may prove to be difficult to uninstall. Windows Disk can be very difficult to manually remove if you are an inexperienced computer user. Not to mention, Windows Disk has been known to populate the Windows Registry with many different entries and removing the wrong entries could render a PC damaged or useless. The use of a reputable antispyware or antivirus tool is recommended to safely remove Windows Disk from your Windows computer.

To easily remove Windows Disk, find the following process and end them in the task manager. After that is done, delete each related Windows Disk file from your hard drive. In additional to locating the following processes, it is recommended that you delete any Windows Disk related registry entries which can be found by searching your Windows registry (regedit). It is also a good idea to uninstall the Windows Disk application via your add/remove programs function found in the Windows Control Panel if your system recognizes Windows Disk has an installed program. You may be required to boot your system into Safe Mode (F8) to attempt manual removal of Windows Disk.

Windows Disk files (and folders) to remove:

  • %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Windows Disk\Windows Disk.lnk
  • %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Windows Disk\Uninstall Windows Disk.lnk
  • %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Windows Disk\
  • %UserProfile%\Desktop\Windows Disk.lnk
  • %AllUsersProfile%\[random]
  • %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Windows Disk\Windows Disk.lnk%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Windows Disk\Uninstall Windows Disk.lnk%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Windows Disk\%UserProfile%\Desktop\Windows Disk.lnk%AllUsersProfile%\[random]

Jay Leno Drives The 2011 Challenger 392 25
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Challenger 392, Dodge, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Challenger SRT8, Jay Leno's Garage, video on 02 25th, 2011

The Green With Envy Challenger 392. Image: Jay Leno's Garage

When it comes to domestic cars, I’ve always been more of a Ford guy than anything else. I’ve never owned a Chevy, I’ve owned but one Plymouth (made by Mitsubishi), but I’ve owned four Fords. Despite this, I’ll admit to loving the lines of the Dodge Challenger, which is (in my mind, at least) the best looking of all the retro muscle cars. Like the Mustang, it tries to stay true to the early design, without adding the “contemporary styling flair” of the new Camaro. Unfortunately, like the Camaro, it’s just too damn big to be much fun on a racetrack. Or is it? A recent conversation with Dodge’s Ralph Gilles has me re-thinking that, and like Jay Leno I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of one. Take a look at the video below (which also features Gilles) and tell me you don’t want to go lay some rubber.

During a recent lunch presentation, Gilles said that the new Challenger “drives 1,000 pounds lighter” than the car actually is. I loved that comparison, because I instantly knew what he was talking about. The 2011 Mustang, for example, feels lighter than its curb weight of 3,605 pounds. The 2011 Camaro 2SS, on the other hand, feels a lot heavier than its 3,860 pounds. Could the suspension changes made to the Challenger have produced a car that’s livable for the occasional track day? I won’t know for sure until I drive one, but I suspect the answer is yes. I think the hot setup for track use will be the 5.7 liter Hemi version with the Super Track Pak suspension, even if it is down on horsepower from the 6.4 liter Hemi (called the 392). The smaller engine is about 100 pounds lighter, which should help with the cars balance. As soon as I get to test my theory, I’ll let you know.

Ferrari Four Concept Unveiled Via Web (Video) 25
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Ferrari, Ferrari Four, Geneva Show, Upcoming Events on 02 25th, 2011

Prior to its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari has come up with what could be referred to as a web unveiling of its new Ferrari Four (FF) concept. We have brought the video for you to watch.


The Ferrari Four (FF) features an aggressive front fascia as well as an expressive rear part. It is said to have got a California-inspired profile. The vehicle exhibits a shooting brake design. It can hold 450 liters (15.9 cubic feet) of luggage with the rear seats up and 800 liters (28.3 cubic feet) with the rear seats down.

The auto is likely to come equipped with a 6.3-liter V12 engine that develops 660 PS (485 kW / 651 hp) that churns out 683 Nm (504 lb-ft) of torque under the hood. It is connected to a seven-speed double-clutch transmission.

It sends power to an advanced Ruote Motrici (4RM) four-wheel drive system incorporated within. This makes the vehicle capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 3.7 seconds and hit a top speed 335 km/h (208 mph).

Fiat Gucci Special Edition 500 for Milan Debut 25
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Fiat, Fiat 500, Frida Giannini, Gucci, Guccio Gucci, Milan Fashion Week, Upcoming Events on 02 25th, 2011

Fiat and Gucci have joined hands and they are all set to introduce their special edition Fiat 500. The 500 features an exclusive body with chrome accents, 16-inch alloy wheels as well as the Gucci’s signature stripe on both the sides. Interior of the auto includes two-tone leather seats, gloss black trim, and plenty of Gucci branding. The vehicle will be available in white or black shades.


Frida Giannini, creative director at Gucci remembered the 1950s during which the Fiat emerged and kick started a style revolution.

She said that traveling in style has also been at the heart of Gucci ever since Guccio Gucci founded his company as a producer of leather trunks, suitcases and handbags in 1921, while commenting on the new joint venture between Fiat and Gucci.

The Fiat 500 which would be debuted at Milan Fashion Week will be available for pre-order starting April 1st. The Italian price of the vehicle starts at €17,000, which appears to be rather expensive.

Saab 9-5 SportCombi Teaser Out (Video) 25
Posted by Alex Ion in 9-3 Convertible, Automotive News, Saab, Saab 9-3, Saab’s XWD, SportCombi, Upcoming Events on 02 25th, 2011

Saab has released additional details of their surprise concept car 9-5 SportCombi. New details are in the form of a series of images and a teaser video. The concept will be unveiled in Geneva next week.


The 9-5 SportCombi will come with exotic features including that of adaptive bi-Xenon headlights, head-up display as well as three-zone climate control. It will be equipped with Saab’s XWD all-wheel drive. The vehicle is expected to arrive in Australia towards the end of 2011 It will be offered with the same drivetrain options as the sedan in overseas as well.

It is also learnt that the manufacturer is not only introducing SportCombi, but will also  debut the Saab 9-3 facelift known as the Griffin line-up and the 9-3 Convertible Independence Edition too alongside.

The details which are out now indicate that the concept follows Saab’s unique Scandinavian and aircraft-inspired design heritage. The alleged 9-2 concept is likely to feature all wheel drive with an electrically powered rear axle and a ground-breaking car communications platform using the Android operating system.

Spyker Sells Luxury Car Business 24
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, CPP Global Holdings, News, Saab, Spyker, spyker c8 aileron, supercars on 02 24th, 2011

A Spyker C8 Spyder. Image: Karrmann

The Spyker C8 Aileron was something of a mystery to buyers. On the one hand, its 600 horsepower, curb weight of just 2,750 pounds and top speed in excess of 200 miles per hour certainly qualified it for supercar status. On the other hand, Spyker never pitched the C8 against the likes of Ferrari or Lamborghini; instead, they billed the $220,000 ride as a “luxury sports car”, aimed at a more refined clientele. I’m not sure this strategy ever paid off, because outside of concours d’elegance events where Spykers were available for test drives, I’ve never seen one on the road.

Many people feared that the Dutch manufacturer was getting in over their head when they acquired Saab last year, but Spyker appears to be making all the right business decisions. There’s a rejuvenated Saab product line in the works, and CPP Global Holdings, Ltd. has just announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Spyker to acquire their luxury sports car business. Never heard of CPP Global Holdings? You’re not alone, but they’ve been a behind-the-scene partner to Spyker for years. Initially, CPP manufactured chassis components and body panels for Spyker, but have branched out in recent months to begin full assembly of C8 Aileron automobiles. In other words, it makes perfect sense for the Coventry, U.K. based company to acquire the C8 Aileron business.

The MOU, which will ultimately result in a full sale of the company over the next six years, has no impact on Saab Automobiles, which remain under control of Dutch parent Spyker.

Source: Autoblog

Spyker Sells Luxury Car Business 24
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, CPP Global Holdings, News, Saab, Spyker, spyker c8 aileron, supercars on 02 24th, 2011

A Spyker C8 Spyder. Image: Karrmann

The Spyker C8 Aileron was something of a mystery to buyers. On the one hand, its 600 horsepower, curb weight of just 2,750 pounds and top speed in excess of 200 miles per hour certainly qualified it for supercar status. On the other hand, Spyker never pitched the C8 against the likes of Ferrari or Lamborghini; instead, they billed the $220,000 ride as a “luxury sports car”, aimed at a more refined clientele. I’m not sure this strategy ever paid off, because outside of concours d’elegance events where Spykers were available for test drives, I’ve never seen one on the road.

Many people feared that the Dutch manufacturer was getting in over their head when they acquired Saab last year, but Spyker appears to be making all the right business decisions. There’s a rejuvenated Saab product line in the works, and CPP Global Holdings, Ltd. has just announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Spyker to acquire their luxury sports car business. Never heard of CPP Global Holdings? You’re not alone, but they’ve been a behind-the-scene partner to Spyker for years. Initially, CPP manufactured chassis components and body panels for Spyker, but have branched out in recent months to begin full assembly of C8 Aileron automobiles. In other words, it makes perfect sense for the Coventry, U.K. based company to acquire the C8 Aileron business.

The MOU, which will ultimately result in a full sale of the company over the next six years, has no impact on Saab Automobiles, which remain under control of Dutch parent Spyker.

Source: Autoblog

Top Gear Fans: Clarkson’s Lambo For Sale 24
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Jeremy Clarkson, Lamborghini, Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, Top Gear on 02 24th, 2011

Image: J-Spec Imports

Are you a fan of the wit and wisdom of Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson? Do you prize your signed copy of his “Heaven and Hell” DVD above all else (even if he did sign it, “Sod off, Jeremy”)? Are you looking for a 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder with the steering wheel and pedals on the wrong side of the car? If so, I’ve got good news for you – his former ride is up for sale, although he’s not the one selling it. Actually, the car is being sold by its current owner, who bought it from Clarkson. The current owner (and the car, presumably) is in the UK, but the ad is being featured by an Australian website, J-Spec Imports. If you’ve got the $145,000 asking price, you may want to do a little digging before you blindly wire transfer the funding from your account to theirs.

Wow, those seats are… bright. Image: J-Spec Imports

The ex-Clarkson Gallardo has just 19,250 miles on the clock, but that doesn’t surprise me. Clarkson doesn’t seem like a guy with a long attention span when it comes to cars, so I’d be willing to bet that most of the miles aren’t even his. Autoevolution quotes Clarkson’s review of this very car, and it sounds like an impulse buy to me. In Jeremy’s words, “So why, you may be wondering, am I so fond of a squeaky car with no phone, no iPod connection, too much body fat, tyres that last less than three minutes, and the real world performance of a BMW Z4? I’ll tell you why. Because it’s got orange seats. And because it is so pretty. And because when you go above 3500rpm it makes a noise like a punctured sumo wrestler. And because you sit so far forwards, which makes it feel like you’re on the nose of some giant, snarling power-crazed animal.”

Orange seats, sumo sound effects and a seating position that requires chiropractic care are not legitimate reasons to buy a car, so you may want to ponder that before you blindly cut a check.

Source: Autoevolution