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Volvo S60 sedan 2010 21
Posted by admin in Automotive News, Passenger Cars, VOLVO, World Cars on 11 21st, 2009

Sedan, Geneva Motor Show, Volvo

Volvo 2010 S60 sedan

the Swedish automaker has been hard at work to spruce up its image, and this is the latest result.

Though predictably toned down for public consumption, the production-ready Volvo S60 sedan bears close resemblance to the stunning S60 Concept that debuted at the Detroit Show nearly a year ago. Gone are the suicide rear doors  and the shape of the headlights have been toned down just a touch, but the coupe-like roofline and the aggressive overall styling stay.The new sedan will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next March, with production slated to begin at Volvo’s plant in Belgium early next summer. In the meantime, Trollhattan has released a pair of image.

Hummer has a plans for new H5 models 18
Posted by admin in Automotive News, HUMMER, Passenger Cars, World Cars on 11 18th, 2009

Truck, HUMMER HX Concept, Rumormill, GM, Off-Road

Hummer has a plans for new H5 models

As a brand, Hummer has been in limbo since General Motors announced it was selling the downtrodden marque to China. For now, everything is on hold, though Tengzhong and new Hummer CEO Jim Taylor are apparently still working hard to plan Hummer’s future.

First on the list is to arrest the free-fall of Hummer sales. Right now, sales are down 64% on the year to about 8,500 units, but Hummer is looking for 25,000 sales in 2010. That will be a tough nut to crack, but Automotive News reports that the company good plans to get things done in part with some aggressive marketing. Ultimately, however, new product will be needed to get dealerships with customers again. In the meantime, Hummer’s 154 U.S. dealers need more inventory in the showrooms to help move metal.
The last piece of the Hummer reclamation project is adding those new models. When Tengzhong gets the management to the Hummer kingdom, it will also receive engineering plans for the H4, a new smaller model that is reportedly based on the HX Concept from the 2008 Auto Show.  Also possible is an even smaller Hummer H5, which would help the SUV automaker to meet future CAFE requirements. Taylor even goes as far as to say that the smaller H4 and H5 could one day replace the brand’s heavier and thirstier H2 and H3 mainstays. GM will reportedly cease building Hummer models as early as the end of 2010.

Toyota 4Runner 2010 13
Posted by admin in TOYOTA, World Cars on 11 13th, 2009

 Toyota, Auto Shows

2010 Toyota 4Runner Limited

Toyota has chosen the state shindig to debut its all-new 2010 4Runner SUV. Besides the all-new exterior and interior, the big news is the addition of a 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine and a new Trail grade model for hard core off-roaders. Of course, we’d be remiss not to also mention the sound system’s new Party Mode that raises bass and transfers equalization to the rear of the vehicle where hatch-mounted speakers await to please the tailgating crowd.

Both wider and longer than the previous 4Runner, the new model offers an optional third-row seat is available in three trims: the top-of-the-line Limited, SR5 and new Trail grade. Peoples can choose between rear-wheel-drive 4×2, part-time 4×4 and a full-time 4×4 system with a locking center differential. All 4×4 models get a 4.0-liter V6 producing 270 horsepower and 278 lb-ft of torque and achieving 17 city/22 highway mpg. V6 powered models with 4×2 do slightly better with 17 city/23 highway. The new 2.7 liter four cylinder is only available on the 4×2 SR5 model and produces 157 hp and 178 lb-ft of torque while returning 18 city/23 highway mpg. Considering the marginal difference in fuel economy, we recommend the V6 and question why Toyota is even offering a four-cylinder option besides a lower starting price.

Toyota describes the 4Runner SUV as more rugged than the Highlander CUV and more versatile than the two-door FJ Cruiser. The question remains how large a market still exists for four-door, mid-size SUVs.  Nevertheless, Toyota still believes there’s demand for a rugged, go-anywhere SUV in today’s penny-pinching, gas price-fearing market.

Lexus LF-Ch Concept 10
Posted by admin in Concept Cars, LEXUS, World Cars on 11 10th, 2009

Concept Cars, Hybrid, Europe, Marketing, Hatchback, Lexus, Design

Lexus LF-Ch Concept

Earlier this month at the Frankfurt Motor Show, was got first glimpse at Lexus’ LF-Ch, a five-door hatchback concept. The car to presage a premium hatchback model for Toyota’s upscale line – but that model isn’t likely to come to the U.S. – word is that the production model is being crafted with Europeans in mind. That’s something of a pity considering how visually dynamic the LF-Ch is, but not unexpected considering the chilly sales reception premium hatchbacks have received in the States.

In any case, if you’re interested in seeing something like the LF-Ch in American Lexus showrooms, while we would normally suggest that your best course of action would be to inundate Lexus with pleading love letters, Lexus has set up a feedback channel of sorts for the LF-Ch on its website. Yet it also asks meatier questions, like whether the showcar’s five-door bodystyle is an attribute or a demerit, or whether hybrid technology for a car like the LF-Ch would be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker. 

BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept 7
Posted by admin in BMW, Concept Cars, World Cars on 11 7th, 2009

BMW, Rumormill, Concept Cars, Frankfurt Motor Show, Coupe, Hybrid, Performance

BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept

Will the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept that BMW debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show. According to Auto Express, the answer is yes, and the U.K. publication is projecting that the new green M1 will be ready for sale in 2012.

Naturally, the heart of this rumor-spec supercar is a hybrid powertrain.  A turbocharged three-cylinder diesel engine displacing 1.5-liters would be used in conjunction with a pair of electric motors providing all-wheel drive capabilities. The run to 60 mph would theoretically take less than five seconds and top speed would reportedly be capped at 155 mph.

Other unique bits that were could potentially make it into production include active aerodynamic elements that allow for an excellent .22 coefficient of drag. An unknown source tells AE that the car’s hybrid powertrain, dual clutch gearbox (pulled from the M3) .

If there’s any truth to this rumor, the new eco-friendly M1 successor would be marketed as a rival to the Audi R8 and would potentially hit the market. We’ll see.

Vechicle reimbursement programs for companies with mobile employers 5
Posted by admin in Automotive News, World Cars on 11 5th, 2009

In up to date economic conditions all more and more companies aim to optimize and minimize expenses on the fixed assets (machines, technique and equipment). Also for optimization of expenses an important factor there is renting of office workers with the hardwares of which they hire.

By an important criterion in this area for two sides (companies and drivers) there is a correct and clear conduct of account of expenses depending on the real terms of working hours, as for example place residence, job, how many miles of not utilize for business and many other factors which substantially influence on the cost of services. On the other part important also to take into account interests of drivers, such as actual costs on a car, insurance payments, current costs (breakages, fuels and lubricants, wheels etc.)

Optimal to decide this task a company CRS will help. This corporation offers Car allowance for optimization of motor-car sector of services.

For companies propose the few decisions which will help to minimize costs. Basic from them it is been:

  • Administrative Costs
  • Personal Use Expense
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Idle Vehicle/Disposal Costs
  • Capital Expense

For drivers CRS company offers few decisions, which will take into account all risks, related to the conduct of business, help in optimization of taxes and insurance of responsibility optimum. Here basic from them.

  • Fair and Accurate
  • Tax-Free
  • Flexible

Basic services which are offered by service followings:

Personalized Driver Reimbursement Schedules – CRS will conduct an analysis for each driver to determine rates.
Program Management – CRS completely manages the entire reimbursement program
Motor Vehicle Record Checks – CRS will obtain annual Vehicle Record checks for each driver
Driver Safety Training – CRS provides guidance train “high-risk” drivers to operate their vehicles more safely
Employee Mobility Consulting Services – CRS implementing and administering a car program for corporate objectives
Online Business Mileage Logs – CRC do offer an efficient web-based tool for monitoring your drivers reports

This post sponsored of the CRS corporation