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Lexus Nod For LFA Purchase in the US; But Wants Right To Repurchase if Owner Wants to Sell It 9
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Lease, LEXUS, LFA, TOYOTA, US on 08 9th, 2010

Lexus has allowed purchase of its LFA supercar in the US. However, the green signal comes with a clause. The buyer will have to sign a contract which lets Lexus the right to re-purchase the car if the owner sells it during the first two years of its purchase.

When the LFA was launched, Lexus had revealed that it will only be available to lease in the US for a sum of $300,000. But Lexus appears to have changed their mind by allowing the purchase of LFA. When purchasing, the owner has to sign an agreement to give the dealer the first right of refusal to buy back the LFA if the owner wants to sell it within the first two years.

If the owner decided to sell the car within two years and doesn’t give the dealer the chance to re-purchase it, the dealer would be owed the difference between the original price of the car and what the owner sold it for, along with legal fees. Whatever you do, lease or buy, Toyota has made sure that no speculators will make a profit on reselling the LFA.

(Via Autoblog)