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Spyker C8 Spyder GT2 Special Edition For China In October 12
Posted by Alex Ion in china, Spyder GT2, spyker c8, Spyker C8 Spyder GT2, Super car news on 07 12th, 2010

Spyker is taking C8 Spyder GT2 on a China jaunt. The car, a special edition car, is expected to bring to the fore Chinese design elements in abundance in its looks. Based on the same platform as the Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder, the GT2 will, however, be like the C8 Laviolette LM85 – a street-legal version of the C8 Laviolette GT2R.

Spyker will throw in the LM85′s powertrain into the GT2 and a 4.2-liter V8 sourced from Audi. The engine would be capable of 400 hp (298 kW / 406 PS) and 480 Nm (354 lb-ft) of torque and will be linked up with a Getrag six-speed manual transmission. We are being told that the special edition street legal car could come about as a longer, wider, and more comfortable for the driver vehicle. With China set be the second largest market after the US for Spyker, the decision to lure Chinese comes about as natural. More China specific models are also said to be in the pipeline.

Spyker might bring in the C8 Spyder GT2 right in for an October launch, it is being speculated. Let’s wait and watch to know what’s on the pricing front.

In Jay Leno’s Garage: Spyker C8 Laviolette – Video 6
Posted by Larry in Automotive, Jay Leno, Jay Leno's Garage, Spyker, spyker c8, video on 07 6th, 2010

When you want a true exotic that’s hand built using mostly aluminum parts, your options are very few. The only option I can think of is to go to Spyker and have your own C8 built in front of your eyes via their 24/7 in-factory webcam system. Jay Leno happens to have one of these in his garage this week in the form of the Spyker C8 Laviolette. Check out Jay as he reviews the car and takes it for a spin in the video below.

[source: Jay Leno’s Garage]