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Which Land Rover Should Get The SVX Treatment Next? 2
Posted by Carscoops Staff in Land Rover, Land Rover Defender, Land Rover Discovery, Land Rover Freelander, Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Velar, Renderings on 01 2nd, 2018

The hardcore version of the Discovery, which was unveiled by Land Rover at Frankfurt this past September, wasn’t the first SVX model it’s done – and it won’t be the last.

The question is, which of the British sport-ute manufacturer’s products should be the next to get the SVX treatment? Well, here are a few ideas.

Rendering artist Nikita Aksyonov recently gave us a speculative preview of what the flagship Range Rover would look like in SVX spec, and has now followed up with more.

In the gallery below, you’ll see similar takes on the Defender, Freelander, Evoque, Evoque Convertible, and Velar, along with the aforementioned Range Rover as well, all done up with similar equipment to the Discovery SVX.

Now some of them seem more likely than others. The Velar? Maybe. The Evoque? Probably not. The Evoque Convertible? Even less so. The Freelander won’t happen since it’s already been phased out, replaced as it has by the new Discovery Sport, but the latter could make a good basis.

As for the Defender, well that’s already spawned an SVX version – or, more accurately, two: the first back in 2008 (which was 10 years ago now, if you can believe it), and those jacked-up, roped-off Defender 110 short-bed, double-cab pickups in Spectre that were crafted jointly by JLR Special Vehicle Operations and the company’s longtime off-road racing partner Bowler.

Making another one, then, would hardly seem like much of a stretch. As always, we’ll keep an eye for it, so you might want to watch this space.

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The World’s Largest Speed Bump Isn’t A Problem For The Range Rover Evoque 16
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in Land Rover, Land Rover Videos, Range Rover Evoque, video on 12 16th, 2017

Despite being on the market since 2011, with a facelift for the 2016MY, the Evoque is still managing to attract lots of customers thanks to its good looks, modern features and premium feel.

However, with newer rivals arriving at the segment, Land Rover found a clever way of advertising the Evoque, Range Rover’s best-selling model.

What it did was organize a stunt that involved installing the “world’s biggest speed bump” on a British city road. Road users were rconfused by the massive obstacle, with some turning their cars around and others trying to drive over it with no success.

As traffic begins to pile up on both sides of the speed bump, a Range Rover Evoque suddenly appears and shows everyone just how capable it is on dealing with obstacles like this. The message the automaker wants to pass along is that, despite its not-so-rugged looks, the Evoque is nevertheless quite capable at handling most obstacles, even those an owner would never think to throw at it.


2019 Range Rover Evoque Will Basically Look Like A Smaller Velar 28
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in Land Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Reports on 11 28th, 2017

Land Rover is working on the next generation Evoque which will apparently borrow a few things from its bigger sibling, the Velar.

The British carmaker has decided to not mess too much with the successful recipe of the Evoque, which makes sense since it’s been one of their best-selling models since its original debut.

Land Rover’s design boss Gerry McGovern said to Autocar that the new Evoque doesn’t have to be reinvented; instead the smaller Range Rover will be designed with the intention of making it “more relevant”. He then added that the company was looking at “how to make the vehicle more modern, precise, more comfortable, more luxurious, those things – not just pure aesthetics”.

The exterior design will be heavily influenced by the new Velar, which has already served as an inspiration to the recently facelifted Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models. The new Evoque will also feature most of the Velar’s interior tech, including the dashboard’s dual-touchscreen layout and digital instrument cluster.

Under the fresh new bodywork, the new Evoque will use on a re-engineered version of the current model’s D8 platform, which is also used in slightly different versions on cars like the Discovery Sport and Jaguar E-Pace.

These platform updates are focused on making the new Evoque more comfortable and refined as Land Rover wants it to offer a true “mini Range Rover” feel in terms of luxury and refinement. That also gives Jaguar the chance to distance themselves with the sportier E-Pace.

The size of the second generation Evoque will be slightly bigger, compared to the current model. The wheelbase will be stretched by 21mm to 2681mm while the tracks will also be wider and the rear trailing arm suspension will be redesigned for more cabin space.

The Ingenium engine range will carry over from the existing Evoque, meaning a 2,0-liter petrol unit offered in different power outputs between 237hp and 296hp and a 2.0-liter diesel ranging from 148hp to 237hp. All engines will be paired to a nine-speed automatic transmission and will be retuned for better fuel economy and CO2 emissions. A mild hybrid version will reportedly be available after 2020.

Base models will be offered with front-wheel drive with Land Rover offering all-wheel drive on more expensive versions. The new Range Rover Evoque is expected to make its official debut at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, with European sales set to begin in early 2019.


Land Rover Kills Three-Door Range Rover Evoque In U.S. 7
Posted by Brad Anderson in Jaguar Land Rover, Land Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Reports on 11 7th, 2017

Land Rover has made the decision to kill off the Range Rover Evoque three-door in the United States.

Motor Authority reports that the British automaker pulled the plug due to poor demand for the model in the U.S., where it was easily out-sold by the five-door and the two-door convertible.

Sales of the three-door Evoque will continue in other international markets.

In a bid to update the popular SUV, Land Rover is currently developing a next-generation model, expected to arrive in late 2018 as a 2019 model year in the U.S. The new model will retain the same D8 architecture as the current car but a host of new technologies will be featured. Styling inspiration will also be taken from the Range Rover Velar.


Watch Armed Carjackers Take Brazilian Football Player Jefferson’s Range Rover Evoque 31
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Brazil, Offbeat News, Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Videos, video on 10 31st, 2017

Brazil's international goalkeeper Jefferson de Oliveira Galvao was forced out of his Range Rover last week, at gunpoint, in Rio de Janeiro.
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2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport And Range Rover Evoque Get New Engines 26
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in JLR, Land Rover, Land Rover Discovery Sport, new cars, prices, Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque on 10 26th, 2017

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has operated a few changes to the Discovery Sport and Evoque ranges in North America, where both vehicles are now in their 2018MY.
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Is The Range Rover Evoque Convertible Really Pointless? 1
Posted by Sergiu Tudose in Land Rover, Land Rover Videos, Range Rover Evoque, reviews, video on 10 1st, 2017

Back when Land Rover first introduced their convertible Evoque, it's safe to say that not a lot of people thought it was a particularly cool car.
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Land Rover Discovery Sport Could Gain Hybrid Option Next Year 26
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Electric Vehicles, Hybrids, Jaguar, Jaguar I-Pace, Land Rover, Land Rover Discovery Sport, PHEV, Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport, Reports on 09 26th, 2017

Jaguar Land Rover's commitment to electrify their range will reportedly include a hybrid version of the facelifted Discovery Sport.
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U Spy: Next-Gen Range Rover Evoque Mule Spotted In Arizona 20
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in Land Rover, Land Rover Scoops, Range Rover Evoque, Scoops, U Spy on 09 20th, 2017

Replacing a successful model like the Range Rover Evoque isn’t easy and Land Rover sure takes its time to work on a successor.
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Next Range Rover Evoque To Adopt Velar Styling Cues, Might Eschew Hybrid Technology 17
Posted by Michael Gauthier in Land Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Reports on 08 17th, 2017

The Range Rover Evoque has been on the market for nearly six years so it comes as little surprise the company is already working on the next-generation model.
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New Land Rover Defender Concept Could Be Introduced Next Year 16
Posted by Michael Gauthier in Land Rover, Land Rover Defender, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Reports on 08 16th, 2017

The Land Rover Defender is one of the most highly-anticipated vehicles in the company's history but we haven't heard much about the model since the automaker introduced the DC100 concepts back in 2011.
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Mercedes Exterior Designers Dismisses Convertible Crossovers 15
Posted by Michael Gauthier in mercedes, Range Rover Evoque, Reports on 08 15th, 2017

The convertible crossover trend is bewildering to many, especially in light of the Nissan Murano Crosscabriolet disaster, but that didn't stop Range Rover from creating the Evoque Convertible.
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Land Rover Design Director Rules Out a Seven-Seat Range Rover 7
Posted by Michael Gauthier in Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Reports on 08 7th, 2017

Range Rover has been considering an upscale model to battle the Bentley Bentayga but Land Rover's Design Director has downplayed the possibility of a seven-seat variant.
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Range Rover Evoque Beats Lambo, Ferrari As Most Popular Footballer’s Car In The UK 29
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in Bentley Bentayga, Ferrari F12berlinetta, Lamborghini Aventador, Project Kahn, Range Rover Evoque, Reports, UK on 07 29th, 2017

You would expect that professional UK football players (that’s what soccer is called in these parts of the globe) would prefer the latest exotic sports car for their commute to and from the practice and you would be right; but apparently they also love compact SUVs and more specifically the Range Rover Evoque.

The smallest Range Rover leads the Top 10 list with the most popular cars bought by Premiership football players, leaving much more expensive ones, like the Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari F12 and Bentley Continental GT, behind.

The list was compiled by UK vehicle finance experts JBR Capital, who found out than other than the relatively affordable Range Rover Evoque, UK’s Premiership football players don’t hold back when it comes to buying a new car.

1. Range Rover Evoque
2. Lamborghini Aventador
3. Mercedes-Benz Onyx G6 GLE Coupe
4. Bentley Continental GT
5. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
6. Lamborghini Huracan
7. Jeep Wrangler Kahn Sahara
8. Porsche 911 GTS
9. Bentley Bentayga
10. McLaren 675LT Spider

As you can see, the list contains all the usual suspects plus some models created by tuning companies, like the Mercedes-Benz Onyx G6 GLE Coupe and the Jeep Wrangler Kahn Sahara.


Landwind X7 SUV Gets Facelift, Looks Less Like Range Rover Evoque 4
Posted by Sergiu Tudose in china, Land Rover, Landwind, new cars, Range Rover Evoque on 07 4th, 2017

Aside from a slight change in appearance, Landwind's famous Range Rover Evoque clone, the X7, also received a new 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine.
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