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Pagani Zonda R EVO To Be Introduced at Goodwood Festival of Speed 18
Posted by Darryl in Automotive, Goodwood Festival of Speed, News, Pagani, Pagani Zonda R, Pagani Zonda R Evo on 06 18th, 2012

As it seems, supercar maker Pagani does not plan on slowing down any time soon as they make plans to introduce a new Zonda R Evo at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Reportedly, the plan from Pagani is to have former Formula One driver Bernd Schneider drive the speculated 6.0-liter V12 760 horsepower Zonda R Evo up the hill. With the new Zonda R Evo expected to reach 60mph in 2.7 seconds and top out at 218 mph, we will be sure to report on the very first test drives of this new Italian beast.

[source: GTSpirit]

Video: Fifth Gear Test Drives Pagani Zonda R 29
Posted by Larry in Automotive, Fifth Gear, Pagani, Pagani Zonda, Pagani Zonda R, video on 10 29th, 2010

The Pagani Zonda is a marvel and in race-car trim and form, Zonda R version, it is a dream. Tiff Needell from Fifth Gear takes the Pagani Zonda R out for a spin. The Zonda R already posted a record-setting lap around the Nordschleife track at Nurburgring of 6 minutes 47.5 seconds. In the video below Tiff struggles to keep his composure while pushing the Pagani Zonda R around a race track. Enjoy!

Pagani Zonda R Super Track Car – Exhilarating Ride 29
Posted by Alex Ion in Automotive News, Fifth Gear, Nurburgring, Pagani Zonda R, Super car news, Virtual Rides on 10 29th, 2010

A recent episode of the popular, long-running British television motor show, Fifth Gear featured the Pagani Zonda R super track car, which was checked out for speed via a test drive. To start off, the car is a beauty to behold, and the outstanding performance that was exhibited through the program makes this one vehicle that speed freaks will absolutely need to have.

Expertly driven by a host who used to be a professional race driver, the Zonda R had its limits tested. And with style and form, it held its own to come out distinctively as a class act – decisively occupying a space that no one else dares encroach upon.

Pagani Zonda R4
Pagani Zonda R
Pagani Zonda R1
Pagani Zonda R2
Pagani Zonda R3

The vehicle has recently posted record lap times of 6 minutes 47.5 seconds for the 20.8 km Nordschleife track at the Nurburgring.
Here’s the video for you.

Video: Pagani Zonda R Sets 6:47 Nurburgring Lap Time 28
Posted by Larry in Automotive, Nurburgring, Pagani, Pagani Zonda R, video on 07 28th, 2010

A new video documenting the Pagani Zonda R’s 6-minute 47-second Nurburgring lap time has been released. The Zonda R lap time shatters the one set some time ago by the Ferrari 599XX at 6:58. Even though the Zonda R is built off of a street-car design, it is not a street-legal car therefore this will not go down in the record book for fastest production car around the Ring.

Still, the Radical SR8LM holds the record for fastest street-legal car around the Nurburgring with a recorded time of 6:48.

The Pagani Zonda R is pure race-car tipping the scale at only 2,359lbs. The Zonda R is capable of a mad dash to 60mph from a standstill in just 2.7 seconds mainly due to its 750 horsepower and 524 ft-lbs of torque 6.0-liter AMG V12 engine. To witness that shear power for yourself, check out the full Zonda R Nurburgring run video below. Enjoy!

Pagani Zonda R Shatters Ferrari 599XX Nurburgring Record Lap Time 30
Posted by Larry in Automotive, featured, Ferrari, Ferrari 599XX, News, Nurburgring, Pagani, Pagani Zonda R on 06 30th, 2010

If there was ever a fine line between a street car and a full-on race car then now is the time to question it. In the latest battle to get the best Nurburgring lap time, the Pagani Zonda R beats the Ferrari 599XX’s record lap time of 6:58 and posts a time of 6:47. Both the Ferrari 599XX and Pagani Zonda R are dedicated track vehicles but still classified as production cars. With that said, the Zonda R is now king of being the fastest production-based vehicle around the infamous Nurburgring.

[source: Pistonheads]