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Tesla Model X And Hummer H2 Engage In A Tug Of War 22
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Film, HUMMER, Hummer H2, Hummer Videos, Offbeat News, Tesla, Tesla Model X, Tesla Videos, video on 12 22nd, 2017

The Tesla Model X has already proved its credentials by offering a very good electric range, and being surprisingly faster than some supercars on the drag strip.

It also confirmed that it’s not afraid to get mud on that expensive body, or take its chances on sand, but how does it fare against a true off-roader such as the Hummer H2?

For this adventure, the two very different SUVs haven’t been taken on a challenging terrain, as they remained on the comfort of the asphalt, for a good old-fashioned tug of war game, split into three different rounds.

This is where the Tesla Model X’s instant electric torque should have made a difference, but the road surface was either wet or icy, so it quickly became a grip challenge, as whichever vehicle lost traction first, lost.

However, we do know that the EV had no trouble in showing a Toyota Land Cruiser who’s boss on snow, so surely the Hummer H2 could not have driven away victorious. Or could it?


Is The Hummer H2 The Most Embarrassing Car You Can Drive? 2
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Unless you're a professional athlete and you own a time machine to get yourself to the mid-2000s, driving around in a Hummer H2 makes about as much sense as building a monster truck out of a Toyota Prius.
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