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Berlin Fashion Icon Shows Smart Fortwo’s Style Potential With Tailor-Made One-Off 17
Posted by Carscoops Staff in brabus, new cars, smart, Smart Concepts, smart fortwo on 01 17th, 2017

Though much better-looking (to our eyes) than the versions that came before, the Smart Fortwo is hardly the most stylish car that Daimler makes. Not when you put it next to a Mercedes CLS, for example, or an AMG GT.

The thing is that those cars are hardly the most suitable to the densely packed downtown cores of the European capitals where style is defined – places like Milan, Paris, London, and Berlin. So what's an urban-dwelling fashionista to do?
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Smart Forfood Rolls Into Bologna As The World’s Tiniest Gourmet Food Truck 12
Posted by Carscoops Staff in Bologna Motor Show, smart, Smart Concepts, smart fortwo on 12 12th, 2016

Putting a full kitchen on wheels, as you may have seen from the Jon Favreau film Chef, necessitates a rather sizable truck. But Daimler's city car brand has managed to squeeze it all down into a smaller package with the debut of the Smart Forfood concept.
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