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Automakers Petition For Tax Breaks 9
Posted by Edward - JapanCarBlog in Japanese Industry on 11 9th, 2011

Japanese Auto Exports
Japanese carmakers have called on the government to reduce acquisition taxes and increase incentives for environmentally friendly vehicles. According to the Japan Times, the Japanese government enforces nine taxes relating to the purchase and maintenance of vehicles.

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association organized a press conference together with automobile manufacturers, trade unions and dealer representatives, to request the government to come to the industry’s aid by reducing car taxation in the country.

In the presence of top executives from Toyota, Nissan and Honda, it was pointed out that auto manufacturers, after the slowdown in production and spare parts caused by the tsunami and earthquake in northeast Japan and by the floods in Thailand, are now being greatly affected by the maintained current rise in the value of the Japanese yen.

It was predicted that the rise in the yen could cause car production in the country to show a sharp fall. It was said that for each fall in the US dollar of one yen, the Japanese car industry loses a further JPY80bn (USD1bn).

In the press conference, the industry requested that, if the government was unable to reduce the strength of the yen in the current exchange rate markets, it should, instead, reduce and simplify Japan’s car taxes, which were said to be up to triple those levied in Europe and 49 times those in the United States.

A car purchaser in Japan needs to pay an acquisition tax of 5% of the value of the car. In addition, with the bi-annual compulsory safety inspection, there is a weight tax, while an annual tax is also payable. The level of both of the latter taxes is dependent on engine size. It was said that, over a ten-year period, a car owner pays more in those taxes than on the original cost of the vehicle.

The car industry is also asking for confirmation that the present tax breaks on green hybrid and electric car purchases will be maintained, and will not expire in March next year as expected under current legislation.

It was reported that annual new car sales in Japan have fallen from around 8m in 1990 to a little over 4m expected this year, but that a reduction in the tax burden could increase that figure to over 5m in 2012.

Toyota Extends Production Halt at All Japanese Plants 17
Posted by Edward - JapanCarBlog in Headline, Industry News, japan, Japanese Industry, TOYOTA, toyota japan on 03 17th, 2011


The ongoing disaster in Japan caused by Friday’s massive earthquake and tsunami is forcing many automakers to extend production halts on domestic plants well into next week. Today, Toyota announced that it has decided to continue the vehicle-production halt started on March 14 at all of its plants in Japan, including all subsidiary vehicle manufacturers, through March 22. According to reports, the suspension of production has already cost Toyota some 40,000 vehicles up until now.

“A decision on when vehicle production will resume in Japan has yet to be made,” the company said in a written statement.

However, the world’s largest automaker noted that it will resume production of replacement parts for vehicles already on market beginning on Thursday, March 17, adding that it also plans to restart manufacturing parts for overseas production on Monday, March 21.

Japan’s PM fondles Asimo, rides the i-REAL, idles in a MiEV 31
Posted by Edward - JapanCarBlog in honda, Honda Asimo, japan, Japan PM, Japanese Government, Japanese Industry, Japanese Prime Minister, Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi MiEV, Randomness, TOYOTA, Toyota I-Real, Yukio Hatoyama on 12 31st, 2009

Toyota I-REAL

Japan’s Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama rides Toyota’s personal mobility i-REAL during a photo session after a news conference to announce the government’s new growth strategy. The zippidy zip around the Premier’s official Tokyo residence was intended to promote a “green economy.”

Hatoyama later danced with Honda’s humanoid droid Asimo and drove Mitsubishi’s electric vehicle MiEV. A great way to kiss 2009 goodbye; only in the stately playgrounds of Japan.

Honda AsimoMitsubishi MiEV