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Baojun Upgrades The 730 7-Seat MPV With 1.5-Liter Turbo Engine 23
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Baojun, china, GM, new cars, prices, SAIC on 11 23rd, 2017

Spending $15,000 on a new car in the US would land you a new Ford Fiesta with a few extras, but the same amount will get you a new Baojun 730 in China.

Upgraded for the new MY, the MPV is still based on a Lotus-tuned chassis, though it gets a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine rated at 147 HP (149 PS) and 170lb-ft (230Nm) of torque that’s mated to a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

Despite carrying a starting price of RMB 99,800 ($15,045), the MPV made by SAIC-GM-Wuling exclusively for the Chinese market comes with a few high-tech features, such as the active air intake grille, which controls the air entry into the engine compartment, allowing it to reach the optimal temperature faster, and reducing wind drag.

The 730 has a 2+2+3 seating layout, and is available with a new black and grey interior trim, dark wood-like accents, ice blue ambient lighting, dual-color seats and a 9-speaker Infinity sound system by Harman, which was custom made for this vehicle. Moreover, the automaker claims that the cabin is “segment-leading quiet”, thanks to sound-absorbing and soundproofing materials.

GM’s local joint venture expects the upgraded MPV to continue the success of the model introduced in 2015, which managed to achieve a 5-star safety rating from C-NCAP.


GM Targets Young Customers With China-Only Baojun 530 Compact SUV 18
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Baojun, china, GM, Guangzhou Auto Show, new cars, SUV on 11 18th, 2017

General Motors’ SAIC-GM-Wuling Chinese joint venture has unveiled the Baojun 530 at the 2017 Guangzhou Auto Show. Following hot on the heels of the 560 and 510, this is the brand’s third SUV, and it’s also their largest, being 4,655mm (183.3in) long, 1,835mm (72.2in) wide, and 1,760mm (69.3in) tall.

On the outside, it looks very similar to the Baojun 510 that debuted at last year’s Guangzhou show and its highlights include the large grille that’s flanked by two slim headlights, a floating-style roof, rectangular wheel arches and one-piece taillights.

Although no images of the interior have been released yet, we expect the new Baojun 530 to benefit from the same materials used in its smaller sibling, including leather and metallic trim, along with an infotainment system, climate control and multi-function steering wheel, among others.

Baojun says that their latest SUV has a McPherson strut front and multi-link rear suspension, for “maximized ride comfort, handling and stability”, while power comes from either a 1.8-liter naturally aspirated engine or a 1.5-liter turbocharged unit.

Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but the Baojun 510 starts at RMB 68,800 ($10,373) in China, so we expect a higher tag for the 530.


New Baojun 510 SUV With Auto Box Costs Less Than A Ford Fiesta In China 9
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Baojun, china, GM, new cars, prices, SAIC on 09 9th, 2017

Presented at last year's Guangzhou Auto Show, the Baojun 510 can now be had with an automated manual transmission.
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GM’s Baojun 560 Gets Seven Seats, Dual Clutches 16
Posted by Carscoops Staff in Baojun, china, GM, new cars, SAIC on 08 16th, 2017

Of all the SUVs that GM produces and markets around the world, the Baojun 560 may be the least familiar… to most Western readers, at least. But it's a critical model in the Chinese market, and it's now been treated to some critical upgrades.
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China-Only Baojun E100 Is GM’s Cheapest Electric Vehicle At $5,300 8
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Baojun, china, Electric Vehicles, GM, new cars, prices, SAIC on 08 8th, 2017

General Motors' Chinese joint venture SAIC-GM-Wuling has introduced the Baojun E100, a small electric car inspired by the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive.
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GM’s Baojun 310 Wagon Costs Less Than Your Bimmer’s Wheels In China 12
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Baojun, china, GM, new cars, prices, SAIC on 07 12th, 2017

The SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture has given birth to the Baojun 310 Wagon.
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New Baojun 310 Wagon Joins GM’s Chinese Family 19
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Baojun, china, GM, new cars, Shanghai Auto Show on 04 19th, 2017

Developed by the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture, the all-new Baojun 310 Wagon has made its public debut at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show.
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GM’s Latest Small SUV Costs Just Under $8,000… In China 21
Posted by Carscoops Staff in Baojun, china, GM on 02 21st, 2017

General Motors may make a lot of money off its big SUVs, but it's been launching a whole bevy of smaller ones lately. There's the Chevy Trax, the Buick Encore (or Opel Mokka overseas), and it's  working on a Cadillac XT3.

What you see here is its newest, but it comes from a brand with which you may not be familiar.
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Baojun 510 Small SUV Is Aimed At Chinese Millennials 18
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Baojun, china, GM, Guangzhou Auto Show, new cars, SAIC, SUV on 11 18th, 2016

GM's latest offering for the Chinese car market comes in the shape of a small SUV, named Baojun 510.
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General Motors Delivers Record Number Of Vehicles In China 11
Posted by Brad Anderson in Baojun, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GM, Reports on 10 11th, 2016

The Chinese car market continues to grow for General Motors and its local joint ventures, with confirmation of record deliveries for the automaker through the month of September.
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Baojun 310 Hatch Is GM’s Latest China-Only Vehicle 8
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Baojun, china, GM, new cars, prices on 09 8th, 2016

General Motors continue their foray into the Chinese market with a new vehicle, the Baojun 310.
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