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Tesla Begins Asking Non-Employees To Configure Their Model 3 21
Posted by Michael Gauthier in Electric Vehicles, Reports, Tesla, Tesla Model 3 on 11 21st, 2017

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently said the company was in “production hell” but those problems seem to be getting better as the automaker has asked reservation holders to begin configurating their Model 3.

According to Bloomberg, a Tesla spokesperson confirmed the company recently sent out invitations to non-employee reservation holders to begin the configuration process. This is a positive development as it likely means the company has sped up production and is gearing up to produce vehicles for mainstream consumers.

While Tesla had planned to build 1,500 units in the third quarter, the company was only able to make 260 Model 3s. Furthermore, the first vehicles were delivered to employees and investors and not people who lined up at dealerships to place their reservations over a year and a half ago.

Thankfully the wait appears to be coming to an end for some customers as a member of the Model 3 Owner’s Club recently received their invitation to build a car and the vehicle is slated to be delivered in four weeks.

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Why Are Dozens Of Tesla Model 3s, Ss, And Xs Sitting In An LA Parking Lot? 16
Posted by Brad Anderson in Electric Vehicles, Reports, Tesla, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X on 11 16th, 2017

Dozens of Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X vehicles have been discovered in a parking lot in Southern California.

Reddit users, as well as a reporter from Automobile Magazine, have visited the facility to find dozens of new Model 3s collecting dust rather than being delivered to customers.

Upon scouring the facility, Automobile discovered that there were at least 26 Model 3s in there, some with Quality Assurance checklists displayed that revealed that they had failed inspections or suffered some kind of damage. Additionally, there were a number of Model S and Model X vehicles that had failed inspections, with one that had ‘Structure’ written across its windshield, perhaps in reference to an issue.

Could Tesla be using this facility to store defective vehicles? It’s hard to be sure, but it’s certainly a possibility.

On the other hand, Electrek (whose writers own Tesla stock…) assert that the cars may simply be in storage for the impending Tesla Semi reveal and could be used to provide test drives to members of the media attending the event. This seems unlikely, however, as it would be irresponsible to offer test drives of vehicles with issues significant enough to fail final inspections.

The last few months haven’t been easy for Tesla. Although the carmaker ceremoniously delivered a handful of Model 3s to employees in July, volume production of the entry-level electric sedan has yet to commence and isn’t expected to until next year.

Furthermore, Tesla has encountered quality control issues in the past, including a Model S being delivered with a split A-pillar and faulty Model X falcon doors. Furthermore, the carmaker often introduces incomplete and unproven features to its vehicles, such as Autopilot.

We’ve reached out to Tesla about this story and will update you when they get back to us.



Tesla Buys Manufacturing Firm Perbix In The Midst Of “Production Hell” 10
Posted by Brad Anderson in Electric Vehicles, Elon Musk, Reports, Tesla, Tesla Model 3 on 11 10th, 2017

In the middle of what Elon Musk dubs “production hell”, Tesla has acquired Perbix, a producer of automated machines for manufacturing.

Limited details about the deal are known but Perbix has been supplying Tesla with machinery for almost three years, and as part of the deal, Perbix president James Dudley will receive approximately $10.5 million in Tesla stock.

Tesla has cited challenges with the automated production line of the entry-level Model 3 as one of the reasons for the delayed start of volume production of the vehicle. It is possible Tesla believes that by bringing Perbix in-house, it will be able to resolve these issues much faster.

In an earnings call last week, Musk said upping production at a facility that heavily-relies on robots isn’t as easy as one staffed by humans where labor hours can easily be increased.

“With Model 3, either the machine works, or it doesn’t, or it’s limping along and we get short quite severely on output,” Musk told Bloomberg.

This isn’t the first time Tesla has acquired a former supplier. In 2016, the electric automaker acquired German manufacturing-technology specialist Grohmann Engineering.


Tesla Model 3 Proves Pretty “Interesting” In Early Review 6
Posted by Michael Gauthier in Electric Vehicles, reviews, Tesla, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Videos, video on 11 6th, 2017

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most highly sought after vehicles even though it only costs $35,000 before incentives. The company is still in “production hell” and is only building several hundred a month so reviews have been few and far between.

That’s changing today as Doug DeMuro has released a new video where he calls the Model 3 the coolest car of the year. That’s a pretty bold statement but he does have a point by noting thousands of people lined up outside of dealerships to place their reservations similar to how people clamored over the latest iPhone.

In usual fashion, DeMuro highlight’s the car quirks including its lack of a traditional key. Instead, the car senses your phone and unlocks as you approach it and locks as you walk away. Of course, the Model 3 also comes with a credit card-style key which allows friends and family members access to the vehicle without giving them your phone.

The car also has a pretty cool charging port which is integrated into the rear taillights. Other neat features include a “frunk,” flush door handles, and a massive trunk with a mini skylight.

The interior is minimalistic as the dashboard is dominated by a strip of wood trim and a large infotainment system display which is impressively responsive. DeMuro goes on to note the rear seats are pretty roomy but the rear windows only roll down about half way. Other highlights include hidden climate control vents and a phone charging area below the infotainment screen.

When it comes time to drive the Model 3, DeMuro is impressed with the acceleration and responsive steering. He also says the ride quality is decent and there aren’t any squeaks or rattles that would hint at quality problems. Of course, everything isn’t perfect as DeMuro doesn’t like that the speedometer and other gauges have been moved to the infotainment system.


Watch How Robots Build The Tesla Model 3 6
Posted by Brad Anderson in Tesla, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Videos, video on 11 6th, 2017

Ever wondered what Tesla’s highly-automated production line looks like in real life? Wonder no more, as a video reveals just that.

This clip, filmed at the brand’s Fremont factory, showcases many of the advanced robots Tesla has employed to make the Model 3 a reality. Although things are behind schedule, the factory itself is very impressive.

Among the most intriguing parts of the Model 3’s production is that robots handle almost everything, including the installation of the seats and dashboard, components which are generally installed by humans with the help of robotic arms. When installing the dash, we can also see how it fits in place as a single unit that includes the large central touchscreen.

Sadly, for the 500,000-odd customers to have placed deposits on the Model 3, all this fancy production equipment means nothing until their vehicles are delivered. Elon Musk recently confirmed that volume production of the Model 3 won’t commence until late in the first quarter of 2018, approximately three months later than initially promised.


Tesla Posts $619 Million Quarterly Loss, Further Delays Model 3 2
Posted by Brad Anderson in Electric Vehicles, Elon Musk, Reports, Tesla, Tesla Model 3 on 11 2nd, 2017

Tesla has posted its largest quarterly loss ever, confirming a net loss of $619.4 million and delaying volume production of the Model 3 by roughly three months.
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Tesla’s Unusual Seat Strategy Might Come Back To Bite Them 27
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in Electric Vehicles, Reports, Tesla, Tesla Model 3 on 10 27th, 2017

Tesla’s decision to build its own seats rather than outsourcing them to a supplier -which is the norm in the automotive industry-, might not be the wisest, since the company is in the middle of figuring out how to master mass production of the Model 3.
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Would You Ever Cross-Shop A Tesla Model 3 With A 2018 Honda Accord? 21
Posted by Sergiu Tudose in Electric Vehicles, featured, honda, Honda Accord, Reports, Tesla, Tesla Model 3 on 10 21st, 2017

Let's say you had $30,000 or so for a mid-size family car and unlike many folks these days who have eyes only for SUVs, you wanted a sedan. Would your shopping list include Honda's new 2018 Accord (read our first drive here) and Tesla's Model 3?

Suffice to say, these two vehicles share nothing in common when it comes to powertrains, but some people seem to think they're surprisingly, though perhaps irrelevantly, similar in other aspects.
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Tesla Model 3 Owners Won’t Get Any Free Supercharging 20
Posted by Brad Anderson in Electric Vehicles, Reports, Tesla, Tesla Model 3 on 10 20th, 2017

While some Tesla enthusiasts may have placed Model 3 deposits expecting free Supercharging, the electric automaker has confirmed that the pay-per-use model will be the only way for Model 3 owners to use the network.
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Tesla Slams Consumer Reports For Giving Model 3 Average Reliability Rating 20
Posted by Brad Anderson in Consumer Reports, Electric Vehicles, Reports, Tesla, Tesla Model 3 on 10 20th, 2017

Tesla has slammed Consumer Reports for giving the Model 3 an average reliability rating despite not yet driving the brand’s entry-level EV.
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Tesla Model 3 Spotted With Red Brake Calipers, Is It The Long Awaited Performance Variant? 18
Posted by Michael Gauthier in Scoops, Tesla, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Scoops, Tesla Videos, video on 10 18th, 2017

A mysterious Tesla Model 3 has been spied undergoing testing at the company's track in Fremont, California.
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Tesla’s Struggle With The Model 3 Might Be Caused By Welding Issues 16
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in Electric Vehicles, Reports, Tesla, Tesla Model 3 on 10 16th, 2017

Tesla’s effort to ramp up the production rate of the Model 3 is facing some issues -rather unsurprisingly we might add.
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Tesla Unexpectedly Slashes Hundreds Of Jobs 16
Posted by Brad Anderson in Elon Musk, Reports, Tesla, Tesla Model 3 on 10 16th, 2017

Tesla says it is in the middle of production hell as it looks to ramp up production of the Model 3 sedan. Despite this, it has just cut hundreds of jobs.
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Tesla Model 3 Hits Craigslist For $150,000 11
Posted by Michael Gauthier in Electric Vehicles, Tesla, Tesla Model 3 on 10 11th, 2017

Customers who reserve a Tesla Model 3 are stuck facing a waiting list of between 12 and 18 months and potentially even longer.
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Take Another In-Depth Look At The Tesla Model 3 7
Posted by Brad Anderson in Electric Vehicles, Tesla, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Videos, video on 10 7th, 2017

Tesla may have officially commenced deliveries of the Model 3 in July but in reality, no one outside the company has Tesla’s latest sedan sitting in their garage.
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