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Driving A Turbo AWD Daihatsu Kei Car Is More Fun Than You’d Expect 31
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in Daihatsu, Daihatsu Videos, Kei Cars, reviews, video on 07 31st, 2017

Daihatsu is a specialist in small cars and its kei-car history is riddled with turbocharged, all-wheel drive special versions that defied logic and put fun first.
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Watch Daihatsu’s Promo Video With Quirky Copen Shooting Brake & Coupe Concepts 16
Posted by Bogdan Zoltan in concepts, Daihatsu, Daihatsu Concepts, Daihatsu Copen, Daihatsu Videos, Tokyo Auto Salon, video on 01 16th, 2016

Daihatsu’s newest iteration of the Copen model appears to be a versatile automobile that can take a lot of forms for a wide variety of uses, and the Japanese car manufacturer’s latest quirky concepts prove it.
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