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Ultra Rare Aston Martin One-77 Q-Series For Sale In Dubai 30
Posted by Brad Anderson in ASTON MARTIN, Aston Martin One-77, Galleries, used cars on 06 30th, 2017

Restricted to just 77 examples worldwide, the Aston Martin One-77 remains one of the most remarkable production cars to ever leave the British firm's factory. However, there is a limited series within the One-77's production run that it is even more remarkable.
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Would You Pick An Aston Martin One-77 Over A McLaren P1 Or A Pagani Huayra? 3
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in ASTON MARTIN, Aston Martin One-77, Galleries, mclaren, McLaren P1, Pagani, Pagani Huayra, used cars on 06 3rd, 2017

Having a $2.5 million budget to blow on a supercar would allow one to go beyond the likes of a Ferrari 488, McLaren 650S and Lamborghini Huracan.
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This Stunning Aston Martin One-77 Is Selling For…God Knows How Much 8
Posted by Sergiu Tudose in ASTON MARTIN, Aston Martin One-77, Galleries, Reports, used cars on 02 8th, 2017

If you're in the exclusive hypercar collecting business, owning a barely used 2012 Aston Martin One-77 should be considered a major achievement.
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A Pristine Aston Martin One-77 Going For The Low-Low Sum Of $3.2 Million 22
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in ASTON MARTIN, Aston Martin One-77, used cars on 07 22nd, 2016

When it comes to the world of high-end modern exotics, there are only a few choices a true collector would spend millions, just to drive them once or twice a year, on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
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Aston Martin One-77 Makes Enthusiasts Go Crazy In Monaco 17
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in ASTON MARTIN, Aston Martin One-77, Aston Martin Videos, video on 02 17th, 2016

Remember some old videos where tens of children run after cars? This just happened in Monaco, but it involved adults who wanted to get closer to an Aston Martin One-77.
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World’s Most Exotic Supercars Take to the Track at Once: Video 9
Posted by Darryl in Aston Martin One-77, Automotive, Bugatti Veyron, Chester Ng, ferrari 458 italia, Ferrari Enzo, Hong Kong, Koenigsegg Agera R, Lamborghini Aventador, video on 08 9th, 2012

You have probably seen those epic images of some of the hottest exotic cars around all parked together on a track. The images come from Hong Kong photographer, Chester Ng (SuzukiProduction.com). He not only captures stills of this epic ’2012 Super Show in Shanghai’ track event, but he was so gracious to capture video footage and shared it with us.

Hit up the jump below to see some of these outrageous cars (Bugatti Veyron, Koenigsegg Agera R, Pagani Zonda Cinque, Lamborghini Aventador, Aston Martin One-77, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari 458 Italia, and so on) take to the track for a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.

For HD: Click the button to the left of the wrench and then click the circle furthest to the lest on the menu to select HD.

Aston Martin One-77 Almost Sold Out! 8
Posted by Alex Ion in Asia tour, Asia-Pacific auto industry, ASTON MARTIN, Aston Martin One-77, Automotive News, one-77 on 12 8th, 2010

It’s official! The Aston Martin One-77 is a runaway hit. The company has announced that the limited edition vehicles are almost sold out, with 60 of the 77 vehicles that have been produced already sold.

The vehicle is powered by a 7.3-liter V12 engine with 750 hp (559 kW / 760 PS) and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) of torque, which is linked to a robotized six-speed manual gearbox which gets the vehicle to a top speed of 220 mph (355 km/h).

For a vehicle that is in the seven figure cost bracket, an almost sold out status is good news indeed. And to help sell the last 17 cars, the One-77 will be going on a jaunty Asian trip.

During this tour, the One-77 will be displayed to select potential clientele through events scheduled in cities like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei and China.

The company says that the Asia-Pacific region is an important region for the company, one that holds significant growth potential.

Aston Martin One-77-5
Aston Martin One-77
Aston Martin One-77-1
Aston Martin One-77-2
Aston Martin One-77-3
Aston Martin One-77-4

(Pix courtesy: WCF)

Aston Martin One-77 Test Car Spotted; 77 Units To Arrive First 2
Posted by Alex Ion in ASTON MARTIN, Aston Martin One-77, Nurburgring, one-77, spy, Super car news on 07 2nd, 2010

If you have been waiting for the Aston Martin One-77 to arrive, gear up for the big event! A test car was recently spotted and speculations are that the final testing on the model is being undertaken currently so that customers could soon be able to take delivery of the car.

Aston Martin One-77 Spy Photo

The Aston Martin One-77 test car has been caught on camera at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Going by what we see, the new sports car from Aston Martin is driven by a 7.3-liter V12 engine. The engine, we are told, would come with capabilities to deliver about 700 horsepower (522 kW / 710 PS). The automaker will be bringing in only 77 units of the car in the first batch.

Aston Martin One-77 Spy Photo 6
Aston Martin One-77 Spy Photo 5
Aston Martin One-77 Spy Photo 4
Aston Martin One-77 Spy Photo 3
Aston Martin One-77 Spy Photo
Aston Martin One-77 Spy Photo 1

Capable of racing from0 to 60 mph in just 3.3 seconds, the sports car model can touch top speeds of over 200 mph. This has been proved by a prototype, which under test conditions, ran up to 220 mph or 355 km/h speeds. Are you among the first 77 to take the car out for a spin? [via WCF]