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Miami Vice Director’s Ferrari Testarossa Looks More Sophisticated In Blue 23
Posted by Carscoops Staff in auction, celebrities, Ferrari, Ferrari Testarossa, Pebble Beach on 07 23rd, 2017

Think of the 1980s-era Ferrari Testarossa and you'll likely be imagining it in red, or if you were a fan of Miami Vice, maybe in white. But the producer of the original series (and director of the big-screen remake) went a decidedly more sophisticated route with this one.
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People Not Buying V12 Ferraris Triggers Warning For Classic Market 17
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in Classics, Ferrari, Ferrari 599 GTB, Ferrari F12berlinetta, Ferrari LaFerrari, Ferrari Testarossa, Reports on 06 17th, 2017

Poor Ferrari V12 sales in recent auctions might indicate that a shift in the classic market is coming, but the real question is whether it’s the market’s or the brand’s fault for that shift.
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The Next Ferrari: 5 Historic Nameplates Maranello Could (And Should) Bring Back 4
Posted by Carscoops Staff in Classics, Ferrari, Ferrari Dino, Ferrari Testarossa, Spotlight on 06 4th, 2017

There was a while there when Ferrari was coming up with new nameplates to go with its alphanumeric model names – or at least drawing inspiration from fresh sources.
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Truckstarossa Is A Toyota Pickup That Thinks It’s A Ferrari 15
Posted by Carscoops Staff in Ferrari, Ferrari Testarossa, TOYOTA, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Tacoma on 03 15th, 2017

Ferrari doesn't make trucks. Even while Lamborghini, Maserati, and Aston Martin get in on the SUV game, the Prancing Horse marque remains resolutely on the sidelines. So what's are truck-loving tifosi to do when the factory won't oblige?
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Ferrari 512 TR & Porsche 993 Turbo Face Off Again 20 Years Later 5
Posted by Carscoops Staff in Classics, Ferrari, Ferrari Testarossa, Ferrari-Videos, porsche, Porsche Videos, Porsche-911, Videos on 02 5th, 2017

Want to put a supercar in your driveway, but can't quite afford to buy something new? The 1990s could be your answer.
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The Real ‘Miami Vice’ Ferrari Testarossa Is Up For Grabs – Again 7
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in auction, Ferrari, Ferrari Testarossa, Movie Cars on 01 7th, 2017

Few cars can lay claim to be as instantly recognizable as a white Ferrari Testarossa, and we can all thank Miami Vice for that.
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Ferrari 458 Spider With Testarossa Genes Would Be Perfect In Miami Vice Remake 14
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Ferrari, ferrari 458, Ferrari Testarossa, Renderings on 09 14th, 2016

Being replaced by the newer, and arguably more capable, 488 Spider hasn’t made the Ferrari 458 Spider any less interesting.
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Ferrari 512 TR Got Roof Chop, Burberry Wrap From Garage Italia Customs 6
Posted by Bogdan Zoltan in Ferrari, Ferrari Testarossa, Garage Italia Customs, tuning on 08 6th, 2016

For some reason, the Testarossa’s edgy, late 1980s philosophy drifted into obscurity. It didn’t do too well on the second-hand market either, with prices dropping significantly at one point.
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Hit Or Miss? Ferrari Testarossa Wears 19″ Wheels, Dubious Wing 19
Posted by Sergiu Tudose in Classics, Ferrari, Ferrari Testarossa, Forgiato, Wheels on 06 19th, 2016

The Testarossa is a car from another era, bordering on the classic, so going for an extravagant set of rims is probably not the wisest option.
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Think You Can Handle This 800 HP Koenig Testarossa? 1
Posted by Bogdan Zoltan in auction, Ferrari, Ferrari Testarossa, used cars on 05 1st, 2016

If 20 or 30 years ago supercars were considered very demanding to drive, imagine how a heavily tuned one stacks up.
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The Real Wolf Of Wall Street’s White Ferrari Testarossa For Sale 19
Posted by Brad Anderson in Classics, Ferrari, Ferrari Testarossa, Galleries, used cars on 02 19th, 2016

For all the debauchery in Martin Scorcese's hit 'The Wall Of Wall Street', it's easy to forget that the film is actually based around a real person, Jordan Belfort, a man who lived the high life before being sent to prison for securities fraud and money laundering.
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This Ferrari Testarossa Shows The 1980s’ Best Side 23
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in auction, Ferrari, Ferrari Testarossa, used cars on 01 23rd, 2016

Like it or not, the Testarossa is associated with Miami Vice and a decade that was far from the epitome of good taste.
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