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How Performance Cars Help U-2 Spy Planes Land 3
Posted by Brad Anderson in Airplane, Offbeat News, Pontiac, Pontiac GTO, Pontiac Videos, Tesla, Tesla Model S, Tesla Videos, video on 09 3rd, 2017

Despite first taking to the skies in 1955, the Lockheed U-2 spy plane is still used in reconnaissance missions to this day and a vital tool for the air force.
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Is The Pontiac Aztek Starting To Become Cool? 18
Posted by Sergiu Tudose in Pontiac, Pontiac Aztek, Pontiac Videos, reviews, video on 08 18th, 2017

Let's face it, the Pontiac Aztek is still one of the ugliest cars ever made, although if you look real close, it's surprisingly practical and, some might say, even interesting.
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Classic 1970 Pontiac GTO ‘Judge’ Gets The Jay Leno Treatment 3
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in Classics, Jay Leno, Pontiac, Pontiac Videos, video on 02 3rd, 2017

This classic Pontiac GTO Judge comes from a time when automakers had a great sense of humor and underrated their own horsepower ratings, mostly because of NHRA classifications and insurance reasons.
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MT’s House Of Muscle Premieres Online With A Tasteful Collection Of Classics 30
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in Chevrolet, Chevrolet Videos, Classics, Dodge, Dodge Charger, Dodge Videos, Ford, Ford Mustang, Ford Videos, Pontiac, Pontiac Videos, video on 12 30th, 2016

No matter how many years will pass, classic muscle cars will always remain a fascinating breed that represent the basic, raw idea of an everyday man's performance vehicle.
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Jay Leno Presents Muscle Car Genesis: The Pontiac GTO 31
Posted by Bogdan Zoltan in Classics, Jay Leno, Pontiac, Pontiac GTO, Pontiac Videos, video on 10 31st, 2016

There were only two kinds of GTOs available for purchase in the 1960’s, and one was considerably cheaper than the other.
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This Mad Max-Style Pontiac Fiero Has 750 HP To Play With 10
Posted by Bogdan Zoltan in Pontiac, Pontiac Fiero, Pontiac Videos, tuning, video on 08 10th, 2016

Launched in 1983, the Pontiac Fiero was a mid-engine, affordable sports car that didn’t quite make it on the wall of fame.
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This Twin-Turbo Firebird Is The Dream Car Of A WRC Mechanic 23
Posted by Michael Karkafiris in Classics, Pontiac, Pontiac Videos, video on 03 23rd, 2016

Some people like it simple; a V8 up front, a manual in the middle and power driving the rear axle.
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Pontiac Firefly Meets Death Via Caterpillar D11 Buldozer 25
Posted by Dan Mihalascu in Offbeat News, Pontiac, Pontiac Videos, video on 08 25th, 2015

Watching cars get destroyed is not a pretty sight, especially when we’re talking about expensive vehicles that can still be of use to someone.

But the consumer society we live in dictates that millions of cars should be crushed each year in junkyards all over the world.
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