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Clakson Opens Up About The BBC, Top Gear And Amazon 14
Posted by Bogdan Zoltan in BBC, The Grand Tour, Top Gear, video on 11 14th, 2016

With a few days left until The Grand Tour hits the screens, Clarkson opens up with BBC News and sets things straight about the ordeal he went through.
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Chris Harris Is Getting His Own TV Show In The USA [w/Video] 8
Posted by Bogdan Zoltan in BBC, Chris Harris, Reports, Top Gear, USA, video on 07 8th, 2016

While Chris Evans resigned as host from the motoring show Top Gear, Chris Harris, his co-worker, landed another job for BBC.
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Is Clarkson’s Box Assembly Video More Entertaining Than The New Top Gear? 8
Posted by Bogdan Zoltan in BBC, Reports, Top Gear, video on 06 8th, 2016

While the second episode of Top Gear has seen a drop in audience by more than a third, compared with last week’s series debut, a video of Jeremy Clarkson assembling a DHL cardboard box is becoming popular on the internet.
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New Top Gear Show Confirmed To Air On Netflix 13
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in BBC, Reports, Top Gear, video on 04 13th, 2016

In an attempt to go head-to-head with Clarkson, May and Hammond and their upcoming show on Amazon, the new Top Gear will also air on Netflix.

The announcement was made by the streaming giant‘s content officer, Ted Sarandos, who was quoted by TheGuardian as saying that it falls under the deal Netflix has with BBC for previous seasons of the show. Since the British Top Gear is preferred over local versions, Sarandos stated that talks continue to expand the list to as many territories as possible.

The show is very popular on Netflix as you can imagine. There’s a change in format but people definitely prefer the British Top Gear over the local Top Gear in almost every country of the world.

While the revamped motoring show will air on BBC next month, an exact date for when new episodes will be available on Netflix hasn’t been announced yet. In its new format, Top Gear will be led by radio DJ Chris Evans, whose will be joined by Friends’ star Matt LeBlanc, former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan, ‘Ring Queen Sabine Schmitz and motoring journalists Chris Harris and Rory Reid.

The as-of-yet unnamed car show from Amazon, with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, should roll out its first episodes this fall.


Top Gear’s Matt LeBlanc Nearly Ran Over A Cameraman During Shooting 5
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in BBC, celebrities, Reports, Top Gear, video on 04 5th, 2016

Former Friends star was left shaken after an incident that could have turned into a tragedy.
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Netflix In Talks With BBC For New Top Gear’s Streaming Rights 7
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in BBC, Reports, Top Gear, Videos on 03 7th, 2016

The battle between the new Amazon Prime car show and BBC's revamped Top Gear could be taken to new grounds.
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Top Gear Presenters Announced Including Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, Sabine Schmitz, Eddie Jordan 11
Posted by Brad Anderson in BBC, celebrities, Chris Harris, Top Gear on 02 11th, 2016

The final line-up of presenters for the refreshed Top Gear has just been announced and as expected, it includes some very familiar names.
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Matt LeBlanc Joins Top Gear Host Team, Joey Jokes Incoming 4
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in BBC, celebrities, Top Gear, video on 02 4th, 2016

The new Top Gear host who will get to enjoy some of the fastest and rarest cars on the planet in the revamped show, along with Chris Evans, is Matt LeBlanc.
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Chris Evans Confirms New Top Gear Season For May 8 30
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in BBC, celebrities, Top Gear, video on 11 30th, 2015

The former Top Gear trio may no longer be with BBC, but the world's most famous car show, at least until Clarkson, May and Hammond return with a new show on Amazon, will live on with its new presenter, Chris Evans.
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Jenson Button A Possible Candidate For Top Gear Host 29
Posted by Bogdan Zoltan in BBC, celebrities, F1, McLaren-Honda, Top Gear, UK on 07 29th, 2015

Rumors suggesting that Button is going to retire from Formula 1 are increasing, as the racing driver is allegedly considered as a possible co-host for the revamped Top Gear.
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