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F1 drivers can now (legally) celebrate after races 20
Posted by CarBlog Staff in Automotive News, F1 News, Popular, racing, Sebastian Vettel on 02 20th, 2014


Imagine the thrill of winning a Formula One race. It’s probably one of the most thrilling, emotional and satisfying feeling in the world. So naturally, you would want to jump out of your skin of excitement and celebrate – obviously by making a ‘victory doughnut’.

However, that wouldn’t be allowed. Until today, that is. 

As of today, F1 drivers who win their races, are allowed to show the world their excitement (and lets be honest, show off a little) by making victory doughnuts after their race on the track. This comes after the FIA amended regulations that prohibited any sort of celebration like this.

Why specifically doughnuts, you wonder? Well, because F1 superstar, Sebastien Vettel did exactly that after he won the Indian Grand Prix – his fourth consecutive one. The crowd loved it, he (obviously) loved it and everyone was happy and cheerful and joyous.

Except the FIA. They didn’t think it was very funny or very cool for that matter. So, they subsequently slapped mr. Vettel with fine of 25 000 euros. Nothing much, hey.

Nevertheless, it seems as though someone within the FIA did secretly like Vettel’s display of achievement and celebration, as this season, every winner will be allowed to celebrate by ‘gooi’ing’ a doughnut at the finish line.

And that’s what we like to see – some spirit, celebrations and really cool doughnuts done in Formula 1 cars.

Source: CarBuzz

Sebastian Vettel’s Day in China – Introducing the Infiniti Q50: Video 11
Posted by Steven in Automotive, F1, Infiniti, infiniti q50, Sebastian Vettel, video on 04 11th, 2013


Sebastian Vettel is among the rock stars of F1 and Infiniti loves him, or is it the other way around? Hit up the latest promotional video from Infiniti to introduce the all-new Q50 riding alongside Vettel’s Red Bull Racing F1 (RB9) car. Oh, they also have the Infiniti FX50 Sebastian Vettel Edition in the promo video. Enjoy!

How Well Do Red Bull F1 Drivers Know Their Cars? Video 18
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Editorial, F1, Infiniti Red Bull RB9, Kurt, Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel, video on 03 18th, 2013
Sebastian Vettel shows how NOT to apply sponsor decals

Sebastian Vettel shows how NOT to apply sponsor decals

There’s no doubt that Infiniti Red Bull Drivers Sebastian Vettel (a three-time World Champion) and Mark Webber (nine wins and 34 podiums) know a thing or two about driving a Formula One car at the limit. There’s more to running a team than just turning hot laps, and when Seb and Mark are tasked with stickering up a blank Red Bull RB9 chassis, how well do you think they fare?

First, if you’ve ever put sponsor decals on a production car, you know how difficult a task this is. It doesn’t get any easier when every surface of the car you’re pasting up is designed to generate an aerodynamic advantage, and it’s pretty clear that neither Infiniti Red Bull driver will be going into the vehicle graphics business upon their retirement from Formula One.

In fact, they may know the car’s mechanicals, but it’s painfully obvious they aren’t paying much attention to the overall livery. We’re not surprised, since it’s their job to get the sponsors on the podium, not to get sponsor logos in the correct position on the RB9. In fairness to Seb and Mark, we’d bet the team’s graphics guy is a whole lot slower around the track than they are, too.

F1 Star Lewis Hamilton Sets New Top Gear Lap Record 19
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, lewis-hamilton, News, Sebastian Vettel, star in a reasonably priced car, Top Gear, video on 02 19th, 2013


Lewis Hamilton made his first cameo appearance on Top Gear in 2007, during the British driver’s inaugural Formula One season. His Top Gear test track lap of 1:44.7 wouldn’t have been particularly impressive, except for the fact that the track was wet and the final corner, Gambon, was covered in oil from a grenaded gearbox.

Compared to other F1 stars, Hamilton wasn’t too far off the mark. Nigel Mansell managed a 1:44.6 on a dry track, while Hamilton’s former teammate, Jenson Button, produced a matching time of 1:44.7 on an exceptionally hot day. In the wet, with the track nearly underwater, Kimi Raikkonen turned a lap in 1:46.1.

The fastest lap time among Formula One drivers was set by multiple world champion Sebastian Vettel, who cranked out a lap in 1:44.0. That time stood for two seasons, until Lewis Hamilton had a chance to reprise his role on the show. As Planet F1 tells us, Hamilton completed a lap in the Suzuki Liana (used by all F1 drivers) in a blistering 1:42.9, cutting an impressive 1.1 seconds off of Vettel’s previous record.

In fairness to Vettel, Hamilton was driving under clear and cool conditions, ideal for setting a high-speed lap (once the tires have heat in the, of course). Will Vettel have the opportunity to reprise his lap as well? How about Kimi Raikkonen lapping in the dry?

We’ll see the lap on BBC America next Monday, February 25, but the “behind the scenes” video below (from Top Gear’s Transmission blog) sets it up nicely.

Sebastian Vettel Learns To Drive In New Jersey: Video 12
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, F1, Formula-One, Infiniti, Kurt, Sebastian Vettel, video, Videos on 06 12th, 2012

Sebastian Vettel drives the NJ F1 circuit. Image: Infiniti

In 2013, Formula One racing comes to Weehawken, New Jersey, just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Those of us who know the area understand what a challenge it will be to pave streets smooth enough to allow safe running of F1 cars at speeds approaching 200 miles per hour. Add in significant elevation changes and near-zero runoff room, and you have a temporary street course that resembles Monaco, without the beautiful rich people and nice weather.

Sebastian Vettel recently became the first F1 driver to lap the proposed course, but not in an F1 car. As the roads exist today, we’re pretty sure that even getting an F1 car around a complete lap would prove challenging, since the minimal ride height doesn’t handle crowned roads or transitions in pavement very well. Vettel was given an Infiniti G37 Coupe for his reconnaissance drive, and managed to thrill crowds (and annoy local police) with a batch of freshly spun donuts on closed city streets.

If all goes as planned, 2013 will see two Formula One races on U.S. soil, at venues that will prove far more interesting that the last attempt to run an F1 race in Indianapolis. Frankly, we can’t wait.

Sebastian Vettel Repeats As F1 World Champion 10
Posted by Kurt Ernst in F1, Formula-1, Gran Turismo 5, Kurt, Motorsport, News, Sebastian Vettel on 10 10th, 2011

Vettel in Monaco, 2011. Image: Nick J. Webb

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Red Bull Renault star Sebastian Vettel tied up his second world championship in two years with a third place finish in yesterday’s Japanese Grand Prix. While the title race had been all but locked up for the past several events, it was still mathematically possible for McLaren Mercedes driver Jenson Button to grab the title at the start of yesterday’s race. To do so, however, Button would have needed a victory in every remaining race, with Vettel finishing in tenth spot or lower.

Mathematically possible and likely are two different things; Button did indeed take the victory in Japan, but Vettel’s third place finish assured his spot in history as the youngest driver to ever win two F1 championships. Watching the German drive this season, there’s no doubt that he earned the victory with talent that appears to be head and shoulders above the rest of the F1 grid. While the Red Bull Renault chassis is competitive, it’s far from flawless, and the mark of a truly great driver is his ability to overcome the shortcomings of any car he’s piloting. By that standard, Vettel is a truly great driver.

If you own Gran Turismo 5 for the PlayStation 3, Vettel’s win is a victory for you, too. In honor of his second championship, Polyphony Digital is giving away the Red Bull X2010 hypercar, for a very limited period of time. When you log in to the PlayStation network, head on over to the Community section to claim your free car, which you can then use in a special time trial event at the Suzuka circuit. A gold finish is worth 5,000,000 credits, so it’s certainly worth a little time and effort.

Want To Drive Sebastian Vettel’s Infiniti FX? 1
Posted by Kurt Ernst in 2012 Infiniti FX50 Sebastian Vettel Edition, Automotive, F1, Infiniti, Infiniti FX50, Kurt, News, Sebastian Vettel on 09 1st, 2011

The Infiniti FX50 Sebastian Vettel Edition. Image: Infiniti

As one of the top drivers in Formula 1 (and the reigning world champion), Red Bull Renault driver Sebastian Vettel could easily afford to buy any car he wanted. Contractual obligations probably encourage him, strongly, to be seen in a vehicle from one of the teams sponsors, so you’d expect him to drive a Renaultsport-tuned Megane, or perhaps an Infiniti M56.

He doesn’t. In fact, Vettel’s personal ride of choice is an Infiniti FX50 crossover, albeit a specially-tuned one. Seb’s ride makes a bit more power than stock, and it rides on a stiffer suspension than the average Infiniti grocery-getter. He’s made a few tweaks to the interior as well, which is easy to do if you have an unlimited budget to work with. Short of breaking into an F1 paddock and hot-wiring Seb’s ride, you can’t really drive his FX50, but you’ll soon be able to buy one that Vettel’s consulted on.

The full reveal of the Infiniti FX50 Sebastian Vettel Edition won’t take place until the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, but we know the crossover will get a new carbon-fiber front spoiler, an odd-looking rear wing, unique wheels (probably 20-inch), and an aerodynamically enhanced rear diffuser. It’ll make more power, too, although how much more than the stock FX50’s 390 horsepower and 369 ft-lb of torque remains to be seen. Reportedly, power output should be enough for the FX to reach a top speed of 186 mph.

Expect a firmer ride and an interior unlike anything else in the Infiniti catalog. You’ll get custom “Sebastian Vettel” badging, too, just in case you forget who signed off on the content of the special edition. There’s even rumor of a carbon-fiber trimmed and F1 inspired steering wheel, but we hope it’s not nearly as complex as the wheels from actual F1 cars.

We’re fans of the FX50, but we have a hard time imagining a “sporty” version of the Infiniti crossover. At least the styling isn’t too over-the-top, with the exception of the JC-Whitney-discount-auto-parts-catalog inspired rear wing. Does anyone really think that looks good, or will produce an actual aerodynamic benefit?