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Rush: Official Trailer 9
Posted by CarBlog Staff in Formula-One, Movies, Off Topic, Popular, Videos on 10 9th, 2013


If you are a car lover, especially a Formula One lover, you have to go and see this film.

Rush is a film about the infamous 1976 Formula One season. It chronicles the rivalry between legendary Formula One drivers, James Hunt and Niki Lauda.

This biographical film is different than most in it’s genre. It’s deep and beautifully written while still being action packed (obviously, a it’s a racing film). It has been praised by critics and is already receiving some heavy Oscar buzz.

Rush stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor) as James Hunt and Daniel Bruhl as Niki Lauda.

Written by Peter Morgan and directed by Ron Howard – Rush is a definite must for everyone, even the ladies!

It was released in September, so check your local cinema for listings. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this one!

Check out the trailer below:

Most Expensive Car Ever Sold at Auction 15
Posted by Kelly Levinsohn in auction, Automotive News, Formula-One, Mercedes Benz, Popular, Videos on 07 15th, 2013

most expensive

If you were a multi-millionaire that does not know the end of your riches, what would you spend your money on?

One millionaire gentleman decided to fork out a whopping $29,650,095 for a VERY special car.

And don’t think this is a new, highly innovative ‘space-car’. No. It is famous Formula One driver, Juan Manuel Fagio’s Mercedes Benz W196 F1 racer – a car that is almost 60 years old!

The stunning Mercedes has been retired from active service for 58 years, but the couple of years that it was active, were some of the great moments in F1 and automotive history.

Juan Manuel Fangio and his Mercedes won 9 out of the 12 races they ever entered. The car was also innovative in both technicality and design at the time; it featured inboard brakes, a space-frame chassis, fuel injection and an all-round independent suspension.

Add to the fact that it is beautifully designed in an iconic 1950’s racing style, with trendy stripes to match.

Many high quality antiques sell for millions all around the world, and it seems this one was no different. Except for the fact that this car is now the most expense car ever to be sold at an auction.

The auction took place at the weekend’s Bohman’s Goodwood Festival of Speed Sale. It is not known who the lucky (and very rich) man is that offered the highest bid, but we can be sure that this man loves cars.

Check out the videos below for a closer look at this expensive car and to see what went down at the auction:


So, if you have a spare R294,781,244 lying around, why not see if you can counter this man’s bid?

Source: carscoops.com 

Comparison of F1 engines… On Guitar! 1
Posted by Kelly Levinsohn in car sound, engines, Formula-One, Popular, Videos on 07 1st, 2013

Some people can really get creative with their instruments, but this guy takes the cake!

In this video, the guitarist uses his electric guitar to imitate the different F1 engines; V6, V8 and V10.

In his description, he says that he wanted to make a prediction of how the new F1 engine specifications of the cars will affect their sound.

It is really quite amazing!

Check out the video below:

F1 Surprise: McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton Moving To Mercedes In 2013 28
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, F1, Formula-One, Kurt, lewis-hamilton, News on 09 28th, 2012

Lewis Hamilton – image: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

With just a few races remaining on the 2012 calendar, Formula One now heads into its “silly season,” where drivers on the bubble scramble to find rides for next year, while top-shelf stars near the end of existing contracts quietly shop their wares among other (presumably higher-paying) teams.

While rumors of Lewis Hamilton’s departure from McLaren have been circulating for months, it was hard to imagine the British driver moving to another squad. That’s why the news of Hamilton’s departure comes as such a surprise, especially since he’s headed to Mercedes (who currently supplies engines for McLaren). Taking Hamilton’s place alongside Jenson Button (who’s staying put for 2013) will be Sergio Perez, an impressive driver with lots of talent who has lacked a winning car to date.

As you may have guessed, Hamilton will be replacing Michael Schumacher at Mercedes, who will once again hang up his Nomex at the conclusion of the 2012 season. Hamilton will race alongside Nico Rosberg (a friend and former teammate from Hamilton’s karting days) at the Mercedes squad.

Perez’s departure leaves a vacancy at Sauber, a team that has shown a bit of promise in 2012. Don’t expect to see a big-name driver chosen to fill that seat, even though Ferrari’s Felipe Massa will likely be out of a job at the end of the season.

Silver Arrows Run At Goodwood Revival: Video 24
Posted by Kurt Ernst in audi, Automotive, Formula-One, Goodwood Revival, Kurt, Mercedes Benz, Silver Arrows, video on 09 24th, 2012

The term “Silver Arrow” is a somewhat generic descriptor for pre-World War II German Grand Prix cars. While many of the Mercedes pre-war racers were saved during and after the Second World War, the same can’t be said of grand prix cars from Auto Union, the forerunner of what we know as Audi today.

Following the war, the surviving Auto Union racers were seized by Russia as spoils of war. Some were lost to history, while others were found in parts after decades of searching. Seeing the Mercedes Silver Arrows run at a car show or historic rally isn’t that uncommon, but seeing a surviving Auto Union Silver Arrow run is a rare sight.

For this year’s Goodwood Revival, the Earl of March was able to gather the surviving ten Silver Arrow cars from both manufacturers, featuring them in exhibition drives with legends like Jackie Stewart and Jochen Mass at the wheel. As challenging as it may be to drive a modern Formula One car, it takes a special kind of crazy to pilot a 400-horsepower vintage F1 car, with no safety features and skinny bias ply tires, around a track at speed.

Given the priceless and irreplaceable nature of the cars, we doubt that either Mercedes-Benz or Audi will be offering us a drive in a Silver Arrow any time soon.

The Making Of Red Bull’s American Vacation: Video 12
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, F1, Formula-One, Kurt, Red Bull Racing, video on 09 12th, 2012

David Coulthard drives the Red Bull RB7 in New Jersey

Running a Formula One car isn’t a one man job. Under the best of circumstances, it takes a team of mechanics, engineers, logistical specialists and a driver to get the car where it needs to be, running, and turning competitive lap times. While that’s difficult enough at a limited-access motor racing circuit, the challenge goes up exponentially on an exhibition run through the streets of a city.

In addition to the obvious dangers, like errant pedestrians walking in front of a Formula One car traveling at triple-digit speeds, there are problems that most of us wouldn’t even think about. Manhole covers, for example, need to be tack welded in place, as Formula One cars create enough negative pressure underneath to lift these steel plates into the air. Then there’s the issue of dirt and debris in the (very expensive) engine, since F1 cars don’t run with air filters.

For Red Bull, these risks are manageable when viewed in light of the opportunity to bring a taste of Grand Prix racing to U.S. fans. If it’s to succeed on U.S. soil this time, it will be because of the enthusiasm of American Formula One fans, something that’s proven lacking in past attempts.

As for us, we’d have paid good money to stand at the railing in the Lincoln Tunnel as David Coulthard whistled by in the Red Bull RB7. We can only imagine what that must have sounded like, and we’ll bet that those present in the tunnel still have ringing in their ears.

Red Bull Racing Promotes The Grand Prix Of America: Video 31
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, F1, Formula-One, Kurt, Motorsports, Red Bull Racing, video on 08 31st, 2012

Red Bull’s RB7 visits New Jersey

If all goes according to plan, Formula One racing will come to the streets of Weehawken, New Jersey next spring. The inaugural Grand Prix of America is scheduled for June of 2013, but no one really knows if the street course will be ready in time. In fact, Formula One czar Bernie Ecclestone appears to have turned his back on the race, saying, saying it won’t happen in 2013, and may not happen in 2014 if a safe course can’t be built.

Red Bull Racing seems a bit more optimistic, and to promote the event it sent its Constructor’s Championship-winning RB7 F1 car on a goodwill tour of the New York and New Jersey area. Starting with a patriotic rendition of The Star Spangled Banner before the Statue of Liberty, Red Bull ambassador David Coulthard toured the New Jersey waterfront, ran some of the proposed street course and even snuck through the (closed) Lincoln Tunnel in an effort to drum up fan interest.

Will it work? We’ll know in nine months or so, but given the condition of roads in the area we’re not optimistic. The video features some great footage, filmed in high definition, so it’s the closest thing we have to racing in the shadow of the Manhattan skyline for the time being.

The BBC Shows You The Evolution Of A Formula One Driver: Video 5
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, F1, Formula-One, Kurt, racing, video, Videos on 07 5th, 2012

Let’s be honest with one another for a minute: every one of us grew up wanting to be a race car driver. We all sketched cars and engines as kids, and we all racked up a sizable collection of Hot Wheels cars. Chances are we went through the slot car and RC car phase, too, but somewhere along the line our lives took a different track. Most of us never made the jump to racing karts (and getting really, really good at it), so a future in formula car racing wasn’t meant to be. The few of us who were really lucky got to race or autocross cars for a hobby, until the financial reality of the sport set in. Like the saying goes, speed costs money, so how fast do you want to spend?

This short BBC video, found on Autoblog, gives us a taste of what life may have been like if we’d focused on driving and racing, instead of foolish pursuits like college and a career. It’s chock full of glamour, which really is a small fraction of a pro driver’s life, but ti does give an idea of how much drivers spend in physical training each day. What’s missing are the countless hours of travel, downtime and sponsorship obligations that form the backbone of a pro racer’s life these days. Being able to turn in fast laps is only part of the equation, since sponsorship means selling a lot of widgets for the brand on the side of your car, too.

If only we’d taken up karting instead of soccer in elementary school, perhaps things would have turned out different for us. Then again, probably not.

Sebastian Vettel Learns To Drive In New Jersey: Video 12
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, F1, Formula-One, Infiniti, Kurt, Sebastian Vettel, video, Videos on 06 12th, 2012

Sebastian Vettel drives the NJ F1 circuit. Image: Infiniti

In 2013, Formula One racing comes to Weehawken, New Jersey, just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Those of us who know the area understand what a challenge it will be to pave streets smooth enough to allow safe running of F1 cars at speeds approaching 200 miles per hour. Add in significant elevation changes and near-zero runoff room, and you have a temporary street course that resembles Monaco, without the beautiful rich people and nice weather.

Sebastian Vettel recently became the first F1 driver to lap the proposed course, but not in an F1 car. As the roads exist today, we’re pretty sure that even getting an F1 car around a complete lap would prove challenging, since the minimal ride height doesn’t handle crowned roads or transitions in pavement very well. Vettel was given an Infiniti G37 Coupe for his reconnaissance drive, and managed to thrill crowds (and annoy local police) with a batch of freshly spun donuts on closed city streets.

If all goes as planned, 2013 will see two Formula One races on U.S. soil, at venues that will prove far more interesting that the last attempt to run an F1 race in Indianapolis. Frankly, we can’t wait.

Ferrari F1 Stars Alonso And Massa Drive Jeeps? 3
Posted by Kurt Ernst in 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, Automotive, F1, Ferrari, Formula-One, Jeep, Kurt, News on 02 3rd, 2012

Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa pose with their new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8s

Formula One drivers aren’t like you and I. They live in nicer houses, have bigger bank accounts and sometimes have garages filled with lustworthy cars. Jenson Button, for example, used to own a Bugatti Veyron, and the McLaren Mercedes driver recently sold his classic Ferrari 512 BB. It’s not uncommon for automakers partnered with F1 teams to give drivers their wares, since it’s clearly good advertising for the brand. Current world champion Sebastian Vettel drives an FX50 crossover from team sponsor Infiniti, and we’d be willing to bet he didn’t pay list price for it.

Ferrari recently issued new company cars to team drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. Instead of giving them Ferrari FFs (too long of a wait list for paying customers), or Ferrari 458 Italias (too impractical), the F1 stars each received a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you’re puzzled by the tie-in, remember the family tree that Jeep is now part of. The brand falls under Chrysler, which falls under Fiat, and so does Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and a host of other industry brands.

If you’re guessing that they didn’t receive off-the-shelf Jeeps, you’d be correct. For starters, the Jeeps were SRT8 models, packing 470 horsepower and 465 pound feet of torque. The trucks were dropped an inch and a half for better handling, before being fitted with custom 20-inch wheel. To honor Ferrari, each was sprayed in Rosso Corsa before being trimmed with a matte black roof and gloss black body stripe.

Inside, the seats, door panels, center armrest and instrument surround are finished in red leather, appropriated from Ferrari’s own inventory. Instrument faces are finished in yellow, which links them back to the dials of Ferrari’s GT cars.

Alonso and Massa now have the first two Jeep Grand Cherokees in Europe, while other buyers in the EU will have to wait until summer to get one of their own

Redbull & Renault Renew Parternship 12
Posted by Kelly Levinsohn in Automotive News, F1 News, Formula-One, Popular, Red Bull Racing, renault on 09 12th, 2011

renault4 Redbull & Renault Renew Parternship

Among all the automakers that have supplied engines to Formula One teams over the years, Renault is likely considered the most successful. While the French car manufacturer has seen world champion status with its own team in 2005 and 2006, a significant amount of its achievements have come from its success supplying independent teams.

Renault’s most powerful partnership to date has come from its collaboration with Red Bull Racing. The team is the current world champion in both the drivers’ and constructors’ categories and this is expected to continue with the recent renewed partnership agreement for five more years.

Renault Sport F1 will continue to supply Red Bull Racing with V8 engines and KERS Motor Generator Units for 2012 and 2013 and will then develop innovative technical solutions for the V6-based power unit that will be introduced from 2014.

Bernard Rey, President of Renault Sport F1, stated that “Red Bull Racing and Renault share the views that stability is a fundamental condition to perform at the top levels of competition. As well as being a unique opportunity to showcase the performance of the Renault engines at the highest possible level, it is also a fantastic arena to develop the technology and expertise within the Renault-Nissan Alliance.”

Schumi “Confession” Is False 12
Posted by Ciro De Siena in F1 News, Formula-One, mercedes, michael schumacher, Popular on 08 12th, 2011

schumacher confession Custom Schumi Confession Is False

There’s a lot of hoo-ha in the British Press at the moment over Michael Schumacher’s “confession” that he is the problem with the German Mercedes GP team. If you haven’t seen the comments yet, here they are, as reported by Top Gear’s online magazine:

“It is a fact that I am a bit more relaxed than before”, he said, “and I do not know if my mindset is right for this team.”

“At some point, we will evaluate whether I continue or stop,” he added.

“If anything, I am the problem,” Schumacher admitted.

Top Gear has since pulled the article, which I accessed late last night, pretty much ending the debate about whether the quotes were true or not. Apparently, according to forum sites, an Italian magazine attributed the quotes to Schumacher, who’s manager then complained that they were rubbish. The magazine has since pulled the story from their news site, and it seems every one else is following suit.

There is now speculation that the young Italian/Scottish Paul Di Resta, currently having a stunning rookie season at Force India, will take Schumacher’s place at Mercedes GP next year, but I would guess that that rumour was given more credence by the fake comments attributed to the German driver.

The fact of the matter is, Schumacher, at 42, is being consistenly outpaced, outqualified and currently sits behind team mate Nico Rosberg in the driver standings. He admitted earlier that the “big joy” of racing is not with him this year, and he must be speculating about his future.

I always say Formula 1 is like a soap opera, just faster and with better looking girlfriends. It really is anyone’s guess what will happen when contract negotiations kick in towards the end of the season.

Ciro De Siena – OverdriveTV

Formula One Heading for Cape Town; On Track in 2 Years 7
Posted by Alex Ion in F1, F1 News, Formula-One, Grand Prix on 07 7th, 2011

In a few days from now, we might get to see Formula One monsters gearing up for a Cape Town jaunt. In what could be a landmark in the F1 horizon, an agreement that will bring the exciting sporting event will be inked. We hear negotiations are in the final stages. And, when that happens,Cape Town will play host to a Grand Prix event in just about two years time.

F1capetown Formula One Heading for Cape Town; On Track in 2 Years

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has been pushing hard to drive all the Formula One mean machines into the African terrain for so many years now, and finally is seeing success on that front. Ecclestone believes that the deal is “weeks away from signing”. He has been quoted as saying that a decision might come as soon as F1 “lawyers have a good look at them… within the next couple of weeks”.

bernie ecclestone Formula One Heading for Cape Town; On Track in 2 YearsThis, when it happens, will be Grand Prix’s return to South Africa.  The last South African Grand Prix was run at Kyalami in 1993, and was won by Alain Prost. Treading the path taken byDurban, F1 bosses will look forward to a track similar the one there.

Meanwhile, we also hear Motorsport SA has confirmed that aCape Townconsortium has approached it to run a Grand Prix. However, that will depend on getting the event find a place in the in FIA calendar by Motorsport SA.


The money part is still being debated. It would involve huge amounts of many to get the race going atCape Town. Government aid would have to be sought to make things roll.

Going by current estimates, getting F1 toCape Townwould incur costs of at least $100-million. Hope Bernie Ecclestone will be smiling in the next two weeks’ time.

Here’s One Commercial You Won’t Skip Over 8
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, F1, Ferrari, Ferrari Shell, Formula-One, racing, video on 04 8th, 2011

To commemorate the 60 year partnership between Ferrari and Shell, the oil company spent a month filming vintage Ferrari F1 cars in locations including New York, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney and Hong Kong. The resulting video is nearly two minutes of pure Ferrari F1 car porn, with just seventeen seconds of advertising added (at the very end of the video) to keep the marketing types happy. The soundtrack alone makes the video worth watching, so I suggest you turn up the speakers until your ears are bleeding. If the neighbors aren’t complaining yet, keep watching it until they do.

I’m not nearly enough of a Tifosi to name all the cars in the video, but I can identify the second car (blasting through the streets of New York) as a variant of the 312, raced by Ferrari from 1966 through 1969. The next one appears to be a 312B from the early 1970s, since the 312B was the first Ferrari F1 car to sport front and rear wings. I love the detail in the video, including the period-correct clothing worn by the driver of each car. If this is advertising, I say film more of it, please.

Formula One News: Bahrain Grand Prix Canceled 21
Posted by Kurt Ernst in Automotive, Bahrain Grand Prix, Events, F1, Formula-One, Motorsport on 02 21st, 2011

Ecclestone in Bahrain in better days.

If you were counting down the days to the opening of the 2011 Formula One season in Bahrain on March 13, you’ll need to add some days back to the calendar. As feared, political unrest in Bahrain has forced the cancelation of the event, although F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone is working hard to get the Bahrain race on the schedule for later in the year. The best possibility is to reschedule Bahrain for November 20, after the race in Abu Dhabi, but that creates three race weekends in a row since the season ending race is November 27 in Brazil. There’s a chance the final race could be postponed until December 4, which would be much more palatable to teams than running three events back to back on different sides of the globe.

The decision was made by Bahrain’s Crown Prince, HRH Pince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, who said, “We felt it was important for the country to focus on immediate issues of national interest. Bahrain’s priority is on overcoming tragedy, healing divisions and rediscovering the fabric that draws this country together to remind the world of the very best that Bahrain is capable of as a nation once again united.” I couldn’t agree more, and I’m happy that the island nation made the correct decision regarding the Bahrain Grand Prix.

With Bahrain off the schedule (for now at least), the season opener moves to Australia on March 27. That gives teams two more weeks to get ready, and it gives the rest of us fourteen more days to count down. If you’re a fan of American open wheel racing as well, that’s the same weekend as IndyCar’s season opener in St. Petersburg, FL. Set your DVRs accordingly.

Source: Autoweek