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GMC Tests Out How Automotive Christmas Decorations Affect Performance 15
Posted by Michael Gauthier in Film, GMC, GMC Terrain, GMC Videos, video on 12 15th, 2017

Christmas is right around the corner but General Motors is going all Scrooge and pointing out the obvious, decorating your car is a bad idea.

As part of this year’s Christmas celebrations, the company sent aerodynamic performance engineer Joel Ruschman to the Lockheed Martin low speed wind tunnel in Georgia to test out a GMC Terrain Denali with an assortment of holiday decorations.

According to USA Today, reindeer antlers and a big red “nose” increase the Terrain’s drag coefficient by three percent and this causes the crossover’s fuel economy rating to drop by about 1 mpg on the highway.

While a big bow might not seem like it would have much effect, it actually increased drag by 15% and caused the fuel economy rating to drop by 3.5 mpg. However, the biggest offender was a Christmas tree which caused a 70% increase in drag.

If you can’t resist the urge to decorate your car, the best choice would be a wreath as the wind tunnel tests determined it didn’t have any effect on the Terrain’s fuel efficiency.

Speaking of mileage, the 2018 Terrain Denali has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that develops 252 hp (187 kW) and 260 lb-ft (352 Nm) of torque. It is connected to a nine-speed automatic transmission which can be paired to an optional all-wheel drive system. In the latter configuration, the crossover returns 21 mpg city and 26 mpg highway.


GMC Sierra Desert Fox Resurfaces Among The Dunes Of Dubai 21
Posted by Carscoops Staff in Dubai Motor Show, GMC, GMC Concepts, GMC Sierra, GMC Videos, Middle East, video on 11 21st, 2017

All sorts of outlandish things happen among the sands of Dubai. We don’t always hear about them, but this one has blipped on our radar.

It’s the GMC Sierra Desert Fox, a concept truck showcased at the Dubai Motor Show. It’s sort of like a Ram Rebel or Toyota Tundra TRD Pro, but with a heavy dose of retro thrown in.

The truck harkens back not to the Nazi general Erwin Rommel (who was known by that nickname) but to the Desert Fox editions that GMC offered in the 1970s, like the vintage Jimmy shown alongside the concept.

That throwback treatment comes down principally to the earth-tone stripes on the beige bodywork, but the rest of it is all hardcore off-roader.

Though official details are even more scarce than official photos, but you can’t miss the chunky tires, bead-lock wheels, jacked-up suspension, low-profile bumpers, nose-mounted winch, side steps, skid plates, custom exhaust, spare tires and jerrycans in the bed, and sports bar with auxiliary LEDs. It even has a pair of hazard flags extending way up high from the roof, all the better to see roaming the dunes of the Arabian peninsula.

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2018 GMC Terrain Petrol vs Diesel: Which Would You Rather Have? 25
Posted by Sergiu Tudose in diesel, GMC, GMC Terrain, GMC Videos, reviews, video on 08 25th, 2017

Aside from the gasoline options, the 2018 GMC Terrain is also available with a 1.6-liter turbodiesel unit, which may end up overshadowing the more powerful 1.5-liter petrol.
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Speeding GMC Envoy Lands On St. Louis House Roof 22
Posted by Brad Anderson in Accidents, GMC, GMC Videos, Offbeat News, video on 07 22nd, 2017

Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you; what you are looking at is indeed a GMC Envoy perched on top of a house it crashed into in St. Louis.
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2017 GMC Acadia Barely Scrapes By In Latest Review 13
Posted by Sergiu Tudose in GMC, GMC Acadia, GMC Videos, reviews, video on 03 13th, 2017

Even though the 2017 Acadia is a much improved vehicle compared to the previous-generation model, there are still plenty of shortcomings you need to get over in order to find value for money.
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2018 GMC Terrain Brings Much Needed Updates To Aging Model 9
Posted by Brad Anderson in Detroit-Auto-Show, GMC, GMC Terrain, GMC Videos, new cars, video on 01 9th, 2017

As expected, an all-new GMC Terrain has been unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show ready for the 2018 model year.
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Check Out GMC’s New 2017 Acadia In Motion 13
Posted by Cristian Gnaticov in Detroit-Auto-Show, GMC, GMC Acadia, GMC Videos, video on 01 13th, 2016

GMC has reimagined the Acadia for its second generation making it smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient, while adding a suite of new features.
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1991 GMC Syclone Is The Pickup Truck That Wanted To Be A Sports Car 27
Posted by Dan Mihalascu in Classics, GMC, GMC Videos, Jay Leno, Trucks, video on 07 27th, 2015

The 1991 GMC Syclone may be classified as a pickup truck, but GM made sure to fit a notice telling customers the vehicle “is not intended for off road use” because of its reduced ride height.
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