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First Look: New Audi TT 28
Posted by CarBlog Staff in audi, Audi TT Coupe, Automotive News, Autostyle, Geneva Auto Show, Popular on 02 28th, 2014


The Audi TT has firmly cemented itself as somewhat of an iconic car. The sleek, modern and clever design that got people talking when it was first released back in 1998, is getting a slight update.

The Mk II TT is Audi’s new TT. And just to give us a little taste before it’s official debut at the Geneva Auto Show in March, Audi has released a few sketches – that right, not photos or videos, but sketches – of the updated TT. 

The new TT is said to feature strong horizontal lines, which in turn should make the car seem more dominant.

Another noticeable change is that the Audi logo, the intertwined four rings, will now feature on the bonnet of the car instead of on the grille.

While the TT will feature the standard, two exhaust pipes, the TTS will double that and have four exhaust pipes – of course making it look meaner than it’s less powerful sibling.

As a whole, the new TT looks bigger, badder and more beautiful than before. If these sketches are anything to go by, Audi fans (and petrol heads in general) are in for a treat when we can finally see the real-life version at Geneva. Yet another one we’re going to keep an eye out for at Geneva.

Take a look at the sketches below:




Source: TopGear