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Mercedes AMG – turning burnouts into art 4
Posted by CarBlog Staff in Autostyle, burnout, fashion, Mercedes AMG models, Off Topic, Popular, Videos on 02 4th, 2014


One would never really think of associating auto motives, and especially what they can do, with high-fashion or sought after art. Sure, there will be the occasional collaboration between Versace and Lamborghini or Nissan and Zac Posen – but never has there been a car to (literally) leave it’s mark on fashion.

Well, that is exactly what Mercedes AMG is doing. In a rather unusual fashion statement, Mercedes AMG is using burnout marks to sell handbags, t-shirts, briefcases and other items.

While the concept is quite strange, there is some merit in the project. Mercedes argues that no burnout mark looks the same (obviously), so why not create burnout marks, print them onto fabric and then use said fabric to create garments and bags.

The project is naturally more geared towards automotive lovers – now they can carry a high-fashion bag with a burnout mark etched across it. The ultimate accessory for any die-hard motor fan, and more so, Mercedes AMG fan.

In a video illustrating the new fashion trend, Mercedes uses a CLS63 to create burnout marks, which is then in turn printed onto these fashionable items.


It is, how do we say, more of an avant-garde fashion piece, but still, it does look rather interesting and actually not that tacky – considering the fact that its a burnout print printed on an expensive handbag.

The Mercedes AMG Burnout Collection will go on sale at the AMG showroom and selected AMG Driving Academy events.

Check out the video below. Would you want a Mercedes AMG Burnout Bag?

Source: CarBuzz