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Top Gear Season 21 – Sneak Peek 20
Posted by CarBlog Staff in Auto Advertising, Automotive News, BBC Top Gear, Popular, teasers, TV, Upcoming Events, Videos on 01 20th, 2014


It is hard to imagine a time when Top Gear wasn’t around. The Uk-based motoring show has become a staple in pop future today, and has even spawned many sister series’ in countries across the globe.

But the original trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May still remain the original bunch of petrol head weirdo’s we’ve come to know and love – even now in their 21st season!

Even though the sneak peak trailer is only 11 seconds long, and mostly features Jeremy looking rather bored and annoyed about something, it still makes us want to see more.

Some sources has also confirmed that they array of different cars we’ll se on the she this season, is quite impressive. These include the 2015 Volkswagen GTI, the super sexy McLaren P1 and a lot of V8 super cars.

The trio will also be road tripping on a budget across Thailand and Burma and attend wacky auto shows like the microcar auto show in the UK.

While no word is out yet on when us South Africans can expect season 21 to hit out screens, we’re guessing (hoping) that we are not far behind the UK – which will start screening season 21 on February 2nd.

So, Top Gear fans, check out the short (but funny) teaser clip for the much anticipated season 21:

Source; Motor Authority