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Finally – a real flying car! 23
Posted by CarBlog Staff in AeroMobil, Automotive News, Autostyle, car design, Car Styling, Flying Car, Modified car Talk, Performance, Popular, Videos on 01 23rd, 2014


Throughout our childhoods we’ve been exposed to flying cars. Sure, they weren’t real but rather a part of some of favorite television shows (think The Jetsons, Wacky Races…). Well, now finally, after what seems like forever, someone has successfully managed to build a flying car that really works and looks really good.

Stefan Klein of Slovakia has spent the past 20 years of his life, designing, developing and finally constructing a flying car. It is called the AeroMobil and can drive on the road as a normal car and transfigure into a flying car – with wings and all.

The car itself has a steel framework and is powered by a Rotax 912 engine.

When in its ‘car configuration’, the AeroMobil is 6 meters long and 1.6 meters wide. Add on the wings, and the car is 8,2 meters in width and still 6 meters in length when in ‘plane mode’. When it is in its automobile configuration, the car scan easily fit into any standard parking spot.

Considering its size, it is actually quite impressive that the AeroMobil can reach a to[ speed of 200km/h in flight. It is also able to fly for around 700 kilometers before having to come down to re-fuel.

On the road, it can reach a top speed of 160km/h and will be able to travel for approximately 500 kilometers before needing to fill up.

The AeroMobil took its maiden flight in September last year, however, the incredible video of the first flight was only uploaded on to YouTube yesterday. This explains why there hasn’t been widespread media coverage of the AeroMobil.

We know you are probably frothing to see the video of the incredible AeroMobil. It is something quite spectacular, and makes us very excited for the future of automobiles. Perhaps we can all soon be like The Jetsons – now wouldn’t that be cool?

Check out the incredible video below:

Source: Popular Mechanics

Look at this stunning, hand painted Lamborghini Gallardo 17
Posted by CarBlog Staff in Automotive News, Autostyle, car design, Car Styling, Lamborghini Gallardo, Modified car Talk, paint, Popular, Super car news, Videos on 12 17th, 2013


Miami’s annual Art Basel event was held last week, and, instead of only featuring some of the most up-and-coming modern artists and their groundbreaking work – its also showcased the work of Alexander Mijares, and the pinnacle of his collection sure got our attention.

Proclaimed as ‘the highlight of his collection’, Mijares showcased this beautiful, unique and (very) striking hand-painted Lamborghini Gallardo.

Looking like something you’d see in a museum or a high-budget car movie, this Gallardo is a most beautiful electric blue, with intricate, hand painted grapics from it’s front to the rear.

It took Mijares quite some time to carefully cover the whole car, but the results are well worth the effort (and probable back pain).

Obviously, Mijares didn’t paint straight onto the car with his paint, I mean, you have to take into consideration that it is a Lamborghini…


The car was first wrapped by Superior Auto design in Miami, before Mijares got his ver talented hands on it.

The hand-painting made this already unique car even more special, and we would jump at the opportunity to have it for ourselves.

Check out the video below on the whole painting process – it really is quite impressive!

Source: CarBuzz

Expensive toy: Ferrari 180 Testa Rossa toy-car up for auction 13
Posted by CarBlog Staff in auction, Automotive News, Autostyle, car design, Car Styling, Ferrari, Modified car Talk, Popular on 11 13th, 2013

Tiny Ferrari

Have you ever wondered what one of the most expensive toys in the world would look like? Would it be a 3D video gaming device? A super fancy computer? Or a prize-winning pony? No. It’s a tiny Ferrari 180 Testa Rossa toy car.

This Testa Rossa was made in Italy (obviously) and will be the headlining feature at the Art of the Automobile auction in New York.

The starting bid on this toy car? Just a cool $1 million! 

The ‘car’ is being distributed through US-based Luigi Chinetti Motors. This is the only licensed American Ferrari dealership active at the time the car was built. Chinetti himself is also a long-time friend, business partner and even racing teammate of mr. Enzo Ferrari.

However, the tiny toy car is not just a really, really expensive ornament. The car has 0.3 horsepower and a tiny, 12-volt motor. So, at least some spoiled child will get a little bit of ride out of it.

Gallery – The most expensive toy car in the world:


Auction president, Alain Squindo, says the appeal of the tiny car will be to those (rich) people who collect sportscars:

“This car is the pinnacle of what you would’ve given to that very lucky boy or girl. It’s something that nowadays would round out an eclectic collection. It would appeal to someone who actively collects sports cars” he said.

We’re sure one lucky kid will definitely have the sweetest ride on the block.

Source: BBC