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Super Supercar Sounds 29
Posted by Kelly Levinsohn in car sound, Popular, Sound/Audio/I.C.E, supercars, Videos on 07 29th, 2013

If you like the sound a supercar makes just as much as the actual car, then this video is for you!

Posted by Supercars of London, this video compilation features several different super cars and their unique sounds. A proper show reel of performance and sound and something that will definitely get your engines roaring!

So, do you have a favourite supercar AND a favourite super sound?

Comparison of F1 engines… On Guitar! 1
Posted by Kelly Levinsohn in car sound, engines, Formula-One, Popular, Videos on 07 1st, 2013

Some people can really get creative with their instruments, but this guy takes the cake!

In this video, the guitarist uses his electric guitar to imitate the different F1 engines; V6, V8 and V10.

In his description, he says that he wanted to make a prediction of how the new F1 engine specifications of the cars will affect their sound.

It is really quite amazing!

Check out the video below: