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Spy Shots: 2014 Mini Cooper 11
Posted by CarBlog Staff in Automotive News, Autostyle, mini cooper, Popular, Spy Shot on 10 11th, 2013


The beloved Mini is back and almost ready to unveil it’s all new, 2014 Mini Cooper.

Almost that is. The official unveiling of the much anticipated 2014 Mini Cooper has been scheduled for November 18 – but thanks to the people at Motor Authority, we can bring you some spy shots of the marvelous Mini. 

This third generation Mini is a whole new range of models.  Each one is based on a all new, front wheel drive platform. The 2014 Mini Cooper boasts a 3 cylinder engine rather than the old, 4 cylinder engine of it’s predecessor.

Developed with Mini’s parent company, BMW, the 2014 Mini is said to be the best yet.

From what we can gather from the sneaky spy shots, some of the exterior changes include a hexagonal radiator grille with auxiliary lights fixed in the grille. Also, the car features jewel-like tail lights and ring shaped daytime running lights.

With the 2014 Mini, the company hasn’t ventured too far into new territory when it comes to the interior. As expected, Mini has decided to stay true to their famous, retro-vintage interior look.

The 2014 Mini sure looks set to be a winner, so if you’re into smaller, cuter cars, you might want to start saving!

Check out the spy shots in the gallery below:


First Look Video: The BMW i8 17
Posted by CarBlog Staff in BMW, Popular, Spy Shot, Super car news, Videos on 09 17th, 2013

BMW i8

At last! We have seen, heard and have been bombarded with images and video’s of the BMW i3 lately, that we almost forgot that it’s brother, the i8, is also being revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

BMW’s hybrid sportscar has never been caught on film, so seeing it action is truly rare. But, of course, we have obtained one such video.

In the video, the i8 prototype pulls into a parking lot and then it accelerates away in full throttle! And, surprisingly, it sounds like a real supercar too!

The guys who were lucky enough to cath the i8 on camera also seem pretty delighted with their discovery.

Unfortunately, the real deal i8 will only be available in 2015 – but you can watch the video below to satisfy your craving:

Source: Motor Authority

Spy Shots: Jaguar F-Type R-S Coupe 26
Posted by Kelly Levinsohn in Automotive News, Jaguar F-Type, Popular, Spy Shot, super car, Super car news on 08 26th, 2013

F-Type Coupe

If these spy shots are anything to go by, then supercar manufacturers might want to pull up their socks and get ready for when the Jaguar F-type Coupe finally arrives.

Currently, the fabulous F-type is only available as roadster while Jaguar continue to fine tune the finishing touches on the roadsters sibling, the coupe.

The official debut for the F-type Coupe is scheduled in just a couple of weeks time – at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

There have been many rumours doing the rounds n exactly what the F-type Coupe will have in store for us.

However, one rumour that is definitely worth extra attention is that Jaguar are also planning a F-Type R-S Coupe.

And luckily for us, with these spy shots obtained by CarBuzz, we now have solid proof that Jaguar is, in fact, building an F-Type R-S Coupe.

A prototype for the much anticipated car was seen doing some early testing, although the actual production version is still at least a year away.

We can also be sure that this is not a standard F-Type Coupe because of one simply fact: the brakes. The yellow calipers are bigger than those that you would expect to find on a standard F-Type Coupe.

The sneaky photographer who got these shots, also claim that the words “Jaguar Carbon Ceramic” were stamped on them.

Gallery: The supposed Jaguar F-Type R-S Coupe –

Jag 01
Jag 02
Jag 03
Jag 04
Jag 05
Jag 06

Another thing that gives us the inkling that this is NOT a standard F-Type Coupe, is that this specific F-Type has cross-drilled brake rotors, something that is not visible on the present F-Type.

Also, Jaguar has placed extra camouflage on the air intakes and on either side of the front bumper.

What to expect from the F-Type Coupe’s engine? Well, something quite amazing. We can expect to see a supercharged V8 from the S model in there, but the output will most likely be increased from 495hp to around 550hp.

If, in fact, the F-Type Coupe ends up with around 550hp, it will put itself in direct competition with Porsche’s 911 Turbo. This will make a rather big impact on the supercar world, which then begs the question: Jaguar or Porsche?

You decide!

Source: CarBuzz

2015 Volkswagen Golf R – Spy Shots 12
Posted by Kelly Levinsohn in Automotive News, Frankfurt Auto Show, Popular, Spy Shot, Volkswagen, VW Golf R on 06 12th, 2013


Volkswagen are in the midst of tweaking at finishing touches for their seventh generation Golf R. Unfortunately, the cars won’t be on sale until the start of next year.

Volkswagen plans to be done with the development of the ultimate Golf, the all-wheel-drive Golf R, by that time.

As the world waits in anticipation for it’s official debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September, we have gotten our hands on some spy shots of the Golf R prototype:

golf r 01
golf r 02
golf r 03
golf r 04
golf r 05
golf r 06

One can easily see that this is indeed a prototype for the Golf R by its quad-exhaust tailpipe arrangement and 18-inch wheels that resemble the set on the current Golf R. A blacked-out grille and larger air intakes round out the list of Golf R specs.

The interior reveals an instrument cluster with two large binnacles and a metallic finish. Of course, the interior is similar across the MkVII Golf lineup, so we can already imagine what we can expect in the Golf R from the regular Golf and GTI models.

Under the skin will be Volkswagen’s MQB platform, but with a Haldex all-wheel drive system able to send 100 percent of driving force to the rear wheels when needed. That driving force will be courtesy of a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

Another cool feature will be the electronic system. The system uses sensors to detect wheel slip, then brakes the slipping wheel to transfer torque the opposite site, ensuring maximum grip under all conditions.

A six-speed manual transmission should remain standard, although a dual-clutch, DSG unit may be offered this time around.

Check out this spy video of the 2015 Golf R:

The expected launch of the new Golf R is next year, shortly after the launch of the regular Golf and GTI.

Source: Motor Authority

2014 BMW M3 Filmed Testing at Nurburgring: Video 10
Posted by Darryl in 2014 BMW M3, 2015 BMW M3, Automotive, BMW, BMW M3, BMW M4, Nurburgring, Spy Shot, spy shots, video on 06 10th, 2013


To some it may start becoming difficult to keep track of the upcoming changes in the BMW line of M cars starting with the M4, which is slated to be the coupe variant of the M3. Though, the M3 name will continue on as a sedan, which was recently caught partially camouflaged making some test runs on the Nurburgring. Hit up the exclusive video below from our friends at TeamSpeed.com and be sure to turn up your speakers to listen to the force-fed inline-6 roar while making its rounds on the ring.

BMW Testing 2014 2 Series (M235i), M3 and i8 on Nurburgring: Video 16
Posted by Steven in 2014 BMW M235i, 2014 BMW M3, Automotive, BMW, BMW i8, Nurburgring, Spy Shot, spy shots, video on 04 16th, 2013


Recently a spy photographer captured a few new 2014 BMW models testing on the Nurburgring. What looks to be the new 2 Series Coupe with an M-Performance package, possibly the M235i, was caught in the mix of making its rounds on the ring with the new 2014 BMW M3 and i8. Hit up the video below to check it out and get a good listen to the new 2014 BMW M3.