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Want to own a Batmobile? This one is for sale 21
Posted by CarBlog Staff in Advertising, Auto Advertising, Automotive News, Autostyle, Batmobile, car sales, Car Styling, Modified car Talk, Performance, Popular, Videos on 02 21st, 2014

Batmobile Tumbler

One thing is for sure. Whether you are male or female, a fan of Batman or not, all of us have thought about what it would feel like to drive the Batmobile at some point or another.

Wouldn’t it be great to evade the traffic cops and track down criminals (bad drivers) in your very own Batmobile? Yes it would. And now, you can – as one of Batman’s famous Batmobile replicas has just been put up for sale.

The Tumbler is a version of the Batmobile found in the Dark Knight trilogy. While Christian Bale (aka Batman) got to drive around in one, 5 other replicas were made around the world and at least one of them can be yours. 

The Tumbler features a powerful Chevrolet LS1 V8 engine as well as requisite dual rear wheels, which are 44-inch super Swampers. Sure, he first thing you notice when you look at the monstrous car is wheels, but we sure wouldn’t mind that engine!

Furthermore, the Tumbler has GPS, an iPod integrated sound system as well as 5 cameras all around the car to help you out with the difficult blind spots.

The car was posted as for sale on car collector website, James Edition. It’s current owner, a man from Florida, notes that the car is indeed street legal, but is generally ‘not a daily driver’. We can’t imagine why…

The price tag? A cool $1 million. Small change for someone like Bruce Wayne – and a really wealthy car collector.

So, if you have dreams of flying down the street in a Batmobile, then this is your opportunity. Just don’t think your the real Dark Knight.

Check out the video below to refresh your memory – a scene from the Dark Knight featuring the Tumbler:

Source: Motor Authority

Dubai police chase criminals in a Bugatti Veyron 7
Posted by CarBlog Staff in Automotive News, Bugatti, Bugatti Veyron, Car Styling, Modified car Talk, Police Cars, Popular, Super car news, Videos on 02 7th, 2014


It’s no secret that people in Dubai really love supercars. Rich Sheik’s and powerful businessmen drive the city flat with their million dollar cars.

But it’s not only the rich people that like they’re cars fast and expensive; now the police force are also joining in on the game with the addition of their latest ‘cop car’, a Bugatti Veyron.

It seems almost insulting to call a Veyron a ‘cop car’, however, that is exactly what it is. The $1,6 million car is the perfect ride to catch criminals in a high-speed chase. I mean, it’s a Veyron… I seriously doubt that a criminal will be able to out run a car like that – unless the criminal himself is a fan of Bugatti!

The Veyron is simply an addition to the Dubai police force’s already impressive fleet of super cars. Other, ‘super cop cars’ include a Lamborghini Aventador, an Aston Martin One-77, a Mercedes SLS AMG, a Bentley Continental GT and a Ferrari FF – specifically for the female cops.

The Veyron will be fulfilling its duties as a patrol car in popular tourist spots. However, we’re pretty sure they got a Veyron to chase criminals, and not just for casual patrolling rides.

The Dubai Police also introduced their latest addition in a (epic) video. Check it out below:

Source: CarBuzz

Finally – a real flying car! 23
Posted by CarBlog Staff in AeroMobil, Automotive News, Autostyle, car design, Car Styling, Flying Car, Modified car Talk, Performance, Popular, Videos on 01 23rd, 2014


Throughout our childhoods we’ve been exposed to flying cars. Sure, they weren’t real but rather a part of some of favorite television shows (think The Jetsons, Wacky Races…). Well, now finally, after what seems like forever, someone has successfully managed to build a flying car that really works and looks really good.

Stefan Klein of Slovakia has spent the past 20 years of his life, designing, developing and finally constructing a flying car. It is called the AeroMobil and can drive on the road as a normal car and transfigure into a flying car – with wings and all.

The car itself has a steel framework and is powered by a Rotax 912 engine.

When in its ‘car configuration’, the AeroMobil is 6 meters long and 1.6 meters wide. Add on the wings, and the car is 8,2 meters in width and still 6 meters in length when in ‘plane mode’. When it is in its automobile configuration, the car scan easily fit into any standard parking spot.

Considering its size, it is actually quite impressive that the AeroMobil can reach a to[ speed of 200km/h in flight. It is also able to fly for around 700 kilometers before having to come down to re-fuel.

On the road, it can reach a top speed of 160km/h and will be able to travel for approximately 500 kilometers before needing to fill up.

The AeroMobil took its maiden flight in September last year, however, the incredible video of the first flight was only uploaded on to YouTube yesterday. This explains why there hasn’t been widespread media coverage of the AeroMobil.

We know you are probably frothing to see the video of the incredible AeroMobil. It is something quite spectacular, and makes us very excited for the future of automobiles. Perhaps we can all soon be like The Jetsons – now wouldn’t that be cool?

Check out the incredible video below:

Source: Popular Mechanics

Look at this stunning, hand painted Lamborghini Gallardo 17
Posted by CarBlog Staff in Automotive News, Autostyle, car design, Car Styling, Lamborghini Gallardo, Modified car Talk, paint, Popular, Super car news, Videos on 12 17th, 2013


Miami’s annual Art Basel event was held last week, and, instead of only featuring some of the most up-and-coming modern artists and their groundbreaking work – its also showcased the work of Alexander Mijares, and the pinnacle of his collection sure got our attention.

Proclaimed as ‘the highlight of his collection’, Mijares showcased this beautiful, unique and (very) striking hand-painted Lamborghini Gallardo.

Looking like something you’d see in a museum or a high-budget car movie, this Gallardo is a most beautiful electric blue, with intricate, hand painted grapics from it’s front to the rear.

It took Mijares quite some time to carefully cover the whole car, but the results are well worth the effort (and probable back pain).

Obviously, Mijares didn’t paint straight onto the car with his paint, I mean, you have to take into consideration that it is a Lamborghini…


The car was first wrapped by Superior Auto design in Miami, before Mijares got his ver talented hands on it.

The hand-painting made this already unique car even more special, and we would jump at the opportunity to have it for ourselves.

Check out the video below on the whole painting process – it really is quite impressive!

Source: CarBuzz

Expensive toy: Ferrari 180 Testa Rossa toy-car up for auction 13
Posted by CarBlog Staff in auction, Automotive News, Autostyle, car design, Car Styling, Ferrari, Modified car Talk, Popular on 11 13th, 2013

Tiny Ferrari

Have you ever wondered what one of the most expensive toys in the world would look like? Would it be a 3D video gaming device? A super fancy computer? Or a prize-winning pony? No. It’s a tiny Ferrari 180 Testa Rossa toy car.

This Testa Rossa was made in Italy (obviously) and will be the headlining feature at the Art of the Automobile auction in New York.

The starting bid on this toy car? Just a cool $1 million! 

The ‘car’ is being distributed through US-based Luigi Chinetti Motors. This is the only licensed American Ferrari dealership active at the time the car was built. Chinetti himself is also a long-time friend, business partner and even racing teammate of mr. Enzo Ferrari.

However, the tiny toy car is not just a really, really expensive ornament. The car has 0.3 horsepower and a tiny, 12-volt motor. So, at least some spoiled child will get a little bit of ride out of it.

Gallery – The most expensive toy car in the world:


Auction president, Alain Squindo, says the appeal of the tiny car will be to those (rich) people who collect sportscars:

“This car is the pinnacle of what you would’ve given to that very lucky boy or girl. It’s something that nowadays would round out an eclectic collection. It would appeal to someone who actively collects sports cars” he said.

We’re sure one lucky kid will definitely have the sweetest ride on the block.

Source: BBC

The Most Equipped Taxi in New York 12
Posted by CarBlog Staff in Autostyle, Car Styling, Modified car Talk, Popular, taxi on 11 12th, 2013

NY Cab

We all know that New York is famous for being a city that never sleeps, Wall Street and, of course, it’s famously below taxi’s.

With so many taxis in bustling city, what can you, as a cab driver, do to make sure you pick up more people than the other, equally yellow taxi’s? You pimp your ride, of course! And that’s exactly what this one cab driver did – and by pimp, we mean PIMPED!

Car Force One – that’s the name of the all new, decked-out cab in New York. A clever play on Barack Obama’s ride, Air Force One, this cab promises to bring you everything and then some.

CEO (read: owner) of Car Force One, Ishai, says his ‘company’s’ vision is simple: customer satisfaction.

“My company is not about the car, it’s about the service. It’s for the clients” he said.

Ishai has been a cab driver since 2009. He is also solely responsible for the modifications and improvements to his cab – he’s done them all himself.

But don’t think Ishai is going to stop there – he is also heading to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to get more pieces and additions for his cab.

Gallery: Car Force One –


The additions that Car Force One has is actually quite unbelievable (also, that he can fit all of that in a normal sized cab). Check out the list(s) of all the extra’s you can expect one Car Force One. They are divided between comfort, multimedia and office:


  • Chargers for iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, Samsung and BlackBerry phones on every side/seat
  • Remote controls throughout car to adjust lighting on/off and dimming
  • Phone holders near charging cables on sides of car
  • Mobile “bathroom,” as a client called it, side dock with: Victoria’s Secret lotions and colognes, hand sanitizers, Wet Ones to go and Kleenex to go
  • 3 coolers (2 for now) that serve as mini-bars, offering cold drinks such as: bottled water, orange juice, apple juice, Diet Coke, Sprite, Coors Light and Plans to add fruit salad cups
  • Mobile baby station with: bottle warmer, baby wipes warmer and paper towels
  • 2 full-size umbrellas, adding 2 smaller ones
  • Infant and toddler car seats and boosters
  • First-aid kit, emergency seat belt cutter, window breaker, fire extinguisher


  • 23-inch full HD 1920 x 1080p monitor that’s hooked up for 5 different uses: Internet, Blu-ray movies, live cable TV, gaming console and pictures and videos from SD card reader
  • Gaming console (Xbox 360 for now, he has already ordered PS4)
  • Live cable TV (Time Warner) with premium channels such as Disney and HBO
  • 2 headrest monitors hooked up to Blu-ray player
  • More than 200 titles of Blu- ray movies in a 2TB hard drive, an additional 30 titles for kids
  • Up-to-date magazines and newspapers


  • Fully functioning laptop hooked up to 23-inch monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse
  • 4G Wi-Fi that clients can connect to on their own devices
  • 3 mobile printers: 4 x 6 photo printer, an all-in-one scanner/printer, an HP OfficeJet printer
  • Adjustable table as a writing surface that holds the keyboard and mouse
  • SD card reader for memory card file transfer

Car Force One sure looks like it could give Obama’s ride a run for its money!

Source: Mashable 

DMC does a Aventador 50th Anniversary Edition 8
Posted by CarBlog Staff in Autostyle, Aventador, Car Styling, Lamborghini, Modified car Talk, Popular on 11 8th, 2013


Well would you look at that. To celebrate the Lamborghini Aventador’s 50th Anniversary, German tuner, DMC, took a Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 Anniversario and spiced it up.

Considering there is only 100 of these special anniversary edittions available world wide, it must be of utmost importance to let yours stand out – even if it is standing out in a small crowd.

The special anniversary edition received a very special carbon fibre rear wing from the tuner’s Molto Veloce kit.

The Anniversario boasts an upgraded 6.5 litre, V12 engine, with an added 20 horsepower on tap.

Check out the pics of the impressive, beautifully manufactured Anniversario below:


Source: CarBuzz

Will.I.Am’s $900 000 custom car creation 6
Posted by CarBlog Staff in Autostyle, Car Styling, custom car, Modified car Talk, Popular on 11 6th, 2013


Celebrities make a lot of money. Celebrities in the music industry make even more money. And if you’re a hot shot singer/rapper/producer like Will.I.Am, you probably don’t know then end of your riches.

So, with all this money lying around, what do celebrities choose to spend their cash on? Well, mostly cars. Expensive and very much ‘out-ther’ cars. We’ve seen Lamborghini’s and Bugatti’s – but Will.I.Am takes the cake with this freakish, $900 000 custom car creation.

Wiil.I.Am had the car custom built for himself so that no one els in Hollywood would have the same car as him. The only problem is, according to the manufacturers, the man has absolutely no knowledge of cars. What. So. Ever.

Anyway, his custom car is said to be based on a 1958 Volkswagen Beetle and has been in the works since 2009.

We might see a little hint of a Beetle in the strange creation, but not nearly enough to say it was ‘inspired’ by it.


In the 4 years since it started production, Will.I.Am apparently changed is mind about what he wants more than he changes outfits in a day. However, he did requested Morgan fenders and a Bentley grille.

The engine is a  supercharged LS3 engine and, at Will’s request, had to be moved to the front of the car. Obviously, it was in the back to help out with the Beetle reference, but, alas, the only real Beetle reference was taken away.

Not really much more is said about Will.I.Am and his boldly blue car. Except that it’s strange. Like him.

What are your thoughts?

Source: CarBuzz

LeBron James (also) gets a custom Lamborghini 30
Posted by CarBlog Staff in Autostyle, Car Styling, Lamborghini, Modified car Talk, paint, Popular on 10 30th, 2013


It seems to becoming a trend for wealthy, famous Americans to ‘wrap’ their expensive supercars in a way that reflects their current state of mind.

Previously, we reported on Nicki Minaj’s pink Lamborghini Aventador and also rapper Flo Rida’s pink Bugatti in honour of breast cancer awareness month.

And, surprise surprise, yet another celebrity has showcased his expensive sport car in an unusual wrap. Basketball star, Lebron James, has debuted his one of a kind Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

LeBron recently released a new pair of signature sneakers in collaboration with Nike. The Lebron XI ‘Kings Pride’ sneakers features the same inside design as the wrap of the car.

To make his roadster look like his shoes, Lebron collaborated with Lou La Vie, DJ Irie, Toys for Boys Miami, Rich B. Calienteto and, of course, Nike.

Well, I guess this is one (expensive) trend that is only picking up!

Check out Lebron’s car and matching sneakers below:


Source: CarBuzz

CEO of Tesla buys James Bond’s Lotus Esprit 21
Posted by CarBlog Staff in auction, Automotive News, Car Styling, James-Bond, Lotus, Modified car Talk, Popular, Videos on 10 21st, 2013

Lotus Esprit

A couple of months ago we reported on a story that was quite astonishing actually.

A man from Long Island had bought a storage unite for $100 – and in it was the biggest surprise of his life: James Bonds’ famous Lotus Espirit from the film, ‘The Spy who Loved me’.

Since it’s find, the classic 1977 Lotus travelled to London to rest in the capable hand of RM Auctioners. That as until a fe days ago, when the famous car was finally bought by none other than the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk.

It is reported that Musk paid the handsome sum of $866 000 for James Bond’s ex-ride.

Tesla has been doing rather well over the last year and maybe Musk thought he could treat himself to a (very) special gift.

No word yet on what Musk plans on doing with the Lotus. Perhaps he would like to keep it as a statue or maybe he wants to fic it up and really drive it around. We’ll have to wait and see.

Until then, check out a scene from the movie below with the famous car in action – with none other than Mr. Bond behind the wheel:

Source: CarBuzz

Rapper Flo Rida sports pink Veyron in support of Breast Cancer 17
Posted by CarBlog Staff in Autostyle, Bugatti, Car Styling, Concept car news, paint, Popular on 10 17th, 2013


It seems that Hollywood rappers really have a thing for supercars and bright colours. And then proceeding to mix their love of fast cars with their love of colour.

A few weeks ago, we reported on Nicki Minaj’s custom, Barbie pink Lamborghini Aventador and now another rapper has joined the bright super car brigade. 

Flo Rida, a famous rapper from, you guessed it, Florida has debuted his Bugatti Veyron in a pink wrap.

Not that mr. Rida is following in the footsteps if ms. Minaj – he is known to wrap his Veyron in an array of different colours for different reasons. And, because it is October and breast cancer awareness month, Flo has wrapped his car in a beautiful pink colour complete with the breast cancer awareness ribbon on the hood.

Not many tough, hardcore rapper men will take the plunge and wrap their cars in a bright pink colour in support of a female cause. But Flo is obviously not bothered – and how sweet that makes him!

Good on you, Flo Rida! Us ladies definitely salute you!

Check out Flo’s pink Veyron in the gallery below:


Source: CarBuzz

A Girl’s Dream Car: The Pearl Pink Bugatti 8
Posted by Kelly Levinsohn in Car Styling, Modified car Talk, Popular on 07 8th, 2013

Pearl Pink Bugatti

Whoever said girls don’t like cars has surely been mistaken, as this customized, pink Bugatti Veyron proves.

Yiannimize Refined recently converted this ‘man’s car’ into a princess-like vehicle for one of their female clients.

The Bugatti Veyron is rather bulky and manly in shape, yet the soft, pearl-pink finish gives it a lovely, softer look – perfect for any woman who loves sugar and spice and all things nice!

The video of the wrapping process, where they turn this supercar into Barbie’s vehicle of choice, was posted on YouTube by Fast, Furious and Funny.

The video is actually quite informative and gives a rare insight into the process of wrapping cars, and especially a car of this calibre.

So whether you’re a girl who loves fast cars and pretty colours, or a guy interested in the ‘behind the scenes’, this video will definitely keep you entertained – check it out below:

Source: GTspirit.com

Updated Ford Flex ready for 2013 8
Posted by Kelly Levinsohn in 4X4, Automotive News, Autostyle, Car Styling, Modified car Talk, Performance on 11 8th, 2011

ford flex 2013 Updated Ford Flex ready for 2013

Ford is updating its 2013 Flex model with a new nose design, updated power and improved technology. The three-row, seven-passenger model features a restyled front fascia with a nose that is sleeker, sophisticated and more robotic. Apart from the addition of paint colour and wheel choices, no other design elements have been modified.

Flex receives a powertrain update with a base 3.5-litre V6 that now packs 20 more horsepower – 285 versus 265. Customers will still have the option of fitting the Flex with Ford’s 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6, which carries over unchanged.

As with all other upcoming 2013 Ford models the Flex will receive the updated version of the MyFord Touch technology incorporated into the dashboard that is simpler in layout and display and ultimately more user friendly. Other interior improvements include pushbutton start, rain sensing wipers and the addition of more safety features including optional rear inflatable seatbelts and a host of collision-avoidance technologies.

Mark Fields, President of the Americas states that ”Flex appeals to people who want to stand out from the crowd and has the highest retention rate of any vehicle in the Ford lineup. With technologies not found in other full-size utilities, even better fuel economy and a more modern, sophisticated look we’re offering people even more reasons to choose Flex with the new model.”

source: autoblog

MG Gets Re-launched in the UK 22
Posted by Alex Ion in 1.8-liter four-cylinder petrol engine, 1.9-liter diesel, Auto Shanghai 2009, Automotive News, Car Styling, MG, MG 6, Modified car Talk, UK, United Kingdom on 02 22nd, 2011

The MG has got officially re-launched in the United Kingdom with the unveiling of the MG 6. The vehicle was unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2009. Well, the special Euro-spec MG 6, sports certain differences from the Chinese version. But both of the variants appear to be virtually identical, we must say. The English version has got a nicer interior. It will be built in Birmingham, England.

The vehicle will be offered in three trim levels. But they will be incorporated with the good features such as power windows or locks, keyless ignition as well as air conditioning. The options offered include leather seats, GPS navigation, cruise control, and a rear view camera as well.


Under the hood, it is likely to feature an exclusive turbocharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder petrol engine that churns out160 PS (118 kW / 158 hp). MG 6 will go sale in coming April. The manufacturer also has plans to launch a 1.9-liter diesel model in the coming year.

Maybach 57S Coupe Cruiserio to Start Selling in Saudi Arabia 29
Posted by Alex Ion in AmorTech group, Automotive News, Burch Fred Hardt, Car Styling, Cruiserio, Maybach 57S Coupe, Modified car Talk, Saudi Arabia, Xenatec on 12 29th, 2010

The first Maybach 57S Coupe, with the name tag Cruiserio, is about to go for sale in Saudi Arabia. The new conversion model has been designed by Xenatec, and the company has entered into a deal with AutoKingdom, the luxury car dealer in Saudi Arabia.

The Cruiserio features a 6.0-liter V12 engine with 603 hp (450 kW / 612 PS) and 738 lb-ft (1,000) Nm of torque. This enables the coupe to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in five seconds, before hitting a top speed of 275 km/h (171 mph).

The car can return an average fuel consumption of 16.4 lt/100km or 14.2 mpg US. The Maybach-endorsed conversion was designed by Burch Fred Hardt. The model is all of 5.7-meters in length. The track has been widened and the roof also sports certain enhancement.

The company’s external dealer other than AutoKingdom is AmorTech group from Russia. The starting price is fixed at €675,000 that is $892,455 or £577,940. The first  unit will go for €715,000.  However, the production is limited to 100 units.

Maybach 57S Coupe5
Maybach 57S Coupe
Maybach 57S Coupe1
Maybach 57S Coupe2
Maybach 57S Coupe3
Maybach 57S Coupe4